New York Times - Jan 2 2018

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Clues Answers
'Follow me!' COME
'Gotta run,' in a text TTYL
'Key' hotel personnel VALETS
'Now I get it!' AHA
'Wow, that was fun!' IHADABLAST
2003, for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade ROOKIEYEAR
2009 aviatrix biopic AMELIA
A helping hand AID
A long, long time AGES
Abbr. after a list ETAL
Airline whose in-flight magazine is Sky DELTA
Alternative to bottled ONTAP
Amazon IDs ISBNS
AOL and MSN, for two ISPS
Author Hemingway ERNEST
Broadband letters DSL
Bumped into MET
Calder Cup org AHL
Cataract site LENS
Cave residents BATS
Cowboys' ties BOLOS
Disobey a pecking order? STEALAKISS
Disobey a rush order? TAKEITSLOW
Disobey a standing order? HAVEASEAT
Disobey a stop order? MOVEAHEAD
Downhill rides SLEDS
Exhortation after 'Supplies are limited!' CALLNOW
Fast-swimming shark MAKO
First lady's man ADAM
Fish with more than 100 vertebrae in its spine EEL
Food ___ (Thanksgiving drowsiness) COMA
Frittata ingredient EGG
Genre for 21 Savage and 50 Cent RAP
Get ready, casually PREP
High-___ monitor RES
How some solve crosswords INPEN
In stitches SEWN
Insult SLAM
Jaunty PERT
Clues Answers
Large artery AORTA
Like a half-moon tide NEAP
Like a person who might be called 'chrome dome' BALD
Locale for a West Coast wine tour NAPAVALLEY
Longest river in Europe VOLGA
Maestro Seiji OZAWA
Make inquiries ASK
Maple product SAP
Mud wrap site SPA
Native of Japan's 'second city' OSAKAN
New citizenship seeker EMIGRE
Nothing but ALL
Ocean predators ORCAS
One of four for 'The Star-Spangled Banner' STANZA
Patron saint of Norway OLAV
Plays with USES
Police informant's wear WIRE
Red Sea peninsula SINAI
Salve ingredient ALOE
Sculptures, e.g ART
Setting for an outdoor party PATIO
Singer Lovett LYLE
Smartphone notification EMAILALERT
Some Toshiba products PCS
The Mormons, for short LDS
Touch ABUT
Ukraine's capital KIEV
Vegas hotel with a musical name ARIA
Vessel for Jack and Jill PAIL
What prices do during hyperinflation SOAR
Where Ang Lee was born TAIWAN
Where most Buddhists reside ASIA
White House press secretary ___ Huckabee Sanders SARAH
Wide-eyedness NAIVETE
Winter hrs. in Lake Wobegon CST
Word after drum or press KIT
Wraps up ENDS
Writer Zora ___ Hurston NEALE