The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,944 - Jan 2 2018

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Clues Answers
'Treatment,' they say crossly, 'is included' THERAPY
... Greek lacking character to spell 'aristocrat' GRANDEE
A catch for paparazzo? SNAPPER
Audibly drinks in river TEES
Be informed by word of mouth LIPREAD
Be returning to get money, abandoning me in wood EBONY
Bird is headless chicken RAVEN
Bottle -- or part of one NECK
Bound to be fed up when disheartened TIED
Eleven is time I'm to leave: before midday TEAM
First home, one is met by wagging tail INITIAL
Ill-equipped to find a clue for 'luminary' ... NOTABLE
In general, finished the lot OVERALL
In that case it's what starts '16' THEN
Information that's gathered obtains rising savings NESTEGG
Issue in which sentence is printed back to front EMIT
Clues Answers
It's very cold, frozen in the centre, melting ZERO
Late author such as G Eliot, deserted by husband TARDY
Make a trap to catch GAIN
Not a bowler in Test troubled boy STETSON
Put weight up? Rot and nonsense! TWADDLE
Quick to contain anger, being most equitable FAIREST
Something to look forward to from afar DISTANTFUTURE
Something to wear at home HABITAT
The fins will get tangled in it FISHNET
The first person died in ruined house -- that's ghastly HIDEOUS
They're woolly socks, you say LAMBS
War of words? FIGHTINGTALK
Wearing a gun? DRESSEDTOKILL
Went on to add grass outside RESUMED
What may delay child's lights out is quite different ANOTHERSTORY
While still young, daughter quits farming TILLAGE