Universal - Jan 2 2009

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Clues Answers
''Abandon hope, all ye who ___ here'' ENTER
''Both Sides Now'' singer Mitchell JONI
''Doggone it!'' DRAT
''Full Disclosure'' author SAFIRE
''Heads up!'' and others ALERTS
''Meatballs'' setting CAMP
''Norma'' librettist Felice ROMANI
1917 revolutionary LENIN
Act indolent LOLL
Amateur entertainers KARAOKESINGERS
Arm bones ULNAE
Belittle, slangily DIS
Benediction closer AMEN
Birdbath buildup ALGAE
Brews tea STEEPS
Briefly unknown? ANON
Bushes forming a fence HEDGE
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Cashier's stack ONES
Charitable one's quality ALTRUISM
Cheap toupees RUGS
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Connecting rod AXLE
Cosmetics additive ALOE
Cosmologist's concern UNIVERSE
Ending for ''heir'' or ''steward'' ESS
Exploit USE
Extended family member NIECE
Eyed cheesecake OGLED
Freelancer's encl. SASE
German family member FRAU
Greek eggplant dish MOUSSAKA
Hard to get through to DENSE
His portrait is worth $50 GRANT
Impostor's cover ALIAS
Instance CASE
Clues Answers
It's tiny and sometimes attractive ION
It's usually going downhill TOBOGGAN
Lancelot or Raleigh title SIR
Letters on letters to GIs APO
Locks out of a tower, in a fairy tale TRESSES
Move quickly and lightly FLIT
Mudder fodder OATS
Nose dive DROP
Nudge, as a memory JOG
Old Mogul capital AGRA
Otherwise ELSE
Painter of the southwestern desert GEORGIAOKEEFFE
Passes up FORGOES
Passing mentions? OBITS
Peeled off, in a way FLAKED
Penury NEED
Pops the question ASKS
Rejoice EXULT
Render speechless STUN
Revise EDIT
Sandwich cookies OREOS
Second-largest city in the 46th state TULSAOKLAHOMA
Shipbuilder's wood TEAK
Skipper, to Barbie SIS
Splits apart RENDS
Spot for a cap KNEE
Strasbourg school ECOLE
Subway admission TOKEN
Suntan products OILS
Sword's superior, in a saying PEN
They're rolled near the foul line TARPS
Title river in a mystery NILE
Transcript abbreviation GPA
Transcript preparer STENO
Uncle Sam's URL ending GOV
Whirligig TOP
Works on a quilt SEWS
Yesteryear PAST