- Dec 31 2017

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Clues Answers
''As You Like It'' forest ARDEN
''Big Brother'' broadcaster CBS
''Common Sense'' pamphleteer THOMASPAINE
''Just as I thought!'' AHA
''NFL Live'' channel ESPN
''To a . . .'' work ODE
''Vogue'' rival ELLE
Actor Neeson LIAM
Alternate title for the puzzle HIDDENLANDS
Alternative to texting EMAIL
Asian priests LAMAS
Ava who directed ''Selma'' DUVERNAY
Ballroom dance move DIP
Blue-haired Simpson MARGE
Board a ship EMBARK
Boot sole material CREPERUBBER
Break quickly SNAP
Brown shades TANS
Built for speed SLEEK
Bus-stop structure SHELTER
Cabinet department LABOR
Captain Sparrow portrayer DEPP
Chap MAN
Combat supplies FIREARMS
Cry from a crib MAMA
Cuba __ (cocktail) LIBRE
Dagwood's young neighbor ELMO
Diarist Nin ANAIS
Diva's rendition ARIA
Drummer's cymbal pair HIHAT
Dry, as vermouth SEC
Ebenezer's creator CHARLES
Elvis record label RCA
EMTs' destinations ERS
Fairway position LIE
Fanatical MANIC
Fell in pellets SLEETED
Fine silver STERLING
Fireplace adjunct SCREEN
Florence's river ARNO
Fourth one counted, perhaps MOE
Freighter listing CARGOMANIFEST
Friend in the 'hood HOMIE
Fringe group CULT
Full of guile SLY
Gather bit by bit GLEAN
Genesis shepherd ABEL
GI-entertaining org USO
Go-betweens LIAISONS
Good bud PAL
Gull cousins TERNS
Hasty escape LAM
Helpful connections INS
Hollered CRIED
Horse hue ROAN
HP's PC competitor DELL
Ice house IGLOO
Island group CHAIN
Italian cheese city PARMA
Italian wine city ASTI
Jellied garnish ASPIC
Keystone State port ERIE
Knight's mount STEED
Language suffix ESE
Leave quickly, so to speak BAIL
Likewise not NOR
Lock of hair TRESS
Make known AIR
Minnesota's iron source MESABIRANGE
More sensible SANER
Clues Answers
Navigation device SONAR
Nest eggs, briefly IRAS
News story ITEM
Number-aligning mark DECIMALTAB
Old West train robbers DALTONGANG
Ole Miss rival BAMA
Only president from Mo HST
Overfills SATES
Overfills GLUTS
Overly sentimental SAPPY
Peculiar ODD
Pedometer reset reading OOO
Physicians' org AMA
Portraitist's prop EASEL
Prime-time hour EIGHT
Puccini genre OPERA
Raptor's gripper TALON
Ration (out) DOLE
Red Monopoly piece HOTEL
RNC's group GOP
Roofing piece TILE
S&L amenity ATM
Sci-fi visitor ALIEN
Seeks info ASKS
Seer's deck TAROT
Shaved-ice treats SNOCONES
Shoulder muscle DELTOID
Show the ropes to TEACH
Shut tightly SEAL
Singer Del Rey LANA
Slice of history ERA
Small bills ONES
Small fry TYKES
Smells strongly REEKS
Smoothing tool FILE
Sneezin' reason, perhaps POLLEN
Sock part TOE
Soprano-range TREBLE
Sticky stuff GOO
Stopped from squeaking OILED
Street vendor's vehicle PUSHCART
Structure with a keystone ARCH
Stun gun TASER
Takes off the shelf USES
Takes, as advice HEEDS
Tangible REAL
Taters SPUDS
Thermometer gradation DEGREECELSIUS
Thomas Hardy heroine TESS
Threesome TRIO
Tissue layer PLY
Tossed fare SALAD
Transitional state LIMBO
Turf Builder seller SCOTTS
Two-purpose DUAL
Ukraine's capital KIEV
Unbooked slot OPENDATE
Undercover worker SPY
Unhappy looks SNEERS
Unkempt one SLOB
Untrustworthy one LIAR
Up to __ (adequate) PAR
Upturned, as a crate ONEND
Van Gogh hangout ARLES
Vivacity LIFE
Volcano near Palermo ETNA
Walesa's homeland POLAND
Warehouse DEPOT
Warty creatures TOADS
Web user SPIDER
__ diem worker PER
__-proof (easy to operate) IDIOT