The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 090

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Clues Answers
1952 film noir with no dialogue, starring Ray Milland The Thief
1967 single by Petula Clark, written by Charlie Chaplin This Is My Song
1994 novel by Louis de Bernières Captain Corelli's Mandolin
A Hindu religious teacher SWAMI
A hurricane, as described in the title of the best-known novel by Richard Hughes high wind
A settee, its name from an Arabic word for a raised platform SOFA
A soldier of a light cavalry regiment HUSSAR
African republic situated between Ghana and Benin TOGO
Amusing in a peculiar fashion DROLL
An ant EMMET
Archaic word meaning ignorance inscience
BBC documentary series hosted by Neil Oliver and Nicholas Crane COAST
Botanical name for a grape or a grapelike berry UVA
Brand name of four types of Italian vermouth CINZANO
Brand name used by Vincent Bach, who made trumpets and trombones rather than string instruments STRADIVARIUS
Broad-winged bird of prey often used in falconry GOSHAWK
Colombian captain of AS Monaco and all-time top scorer for his national team Radamel Falcao
Consumer protection body replaced by the Competition and Markets Authority in 2014 Office of Fair Trading
Cosmetic treatment of the feet PEDICURE
Dehydration by evaporation is used to produce this foodstuff milk powder
Elvis Costello and the Attractions single which followed Oliver’s Army Accidents Will Happen
Extinct elephant-like mammal MASTODON
Franz Kafka novel published posthumously in 1925 The Trial
Genus including most of the tree ferns grown in British gardens dicksonia
In a relationship ATTACHED
In sailing, the distance made to windward while tacking headreach
Jewish term for the Passover festival PESACH
Long distance footpath which runs from Winchester to Eastbourne South Downs Way
Musical genre of the 1980s identified by the smiley face symbol Acid House
Passage through which a fluid enters a machine INTAKE
Clues Answers
Rail service with St Pancras International as its main station in the UK EUROSTAR
Reason for a yachtswoman to tack HEADWIND
Series of eight children’s books written by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black The Spiderwick Chronicles
Setting of the 2004 video game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
Severe poverty PENURY
Short story by Daphne du Maurier, later a film starring Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland Don't Look Now
Shortened name of the drug commonly called heroin diamorphine
Slang word for money MOOLA
Small, long-eared member of the Equus genus ASS
Songs or poems celebrating a marriage EPITHALAMIA
Subterranean ____ Blues, a song by Bob Dylan HOMESICK
Surname of the Tennessee politician who died at the siege of the Alamo CROCKETT
The “sport of kings” horse racing
The affliction graphospasm, also called scrivener’s palsy writer's cramp
The belladonna lily AMARYLLIS
The Downs is a roadstead between ____ and the Goodwin Sands DEAL
The monetary unit of Paraguay GUARANI
The muse of astronomy and another name for Aphrodite URANIA
The original Good King Wenceslas was a duke of ____ BOHEMIA
The President of Sudan Omar al-Bashir
The ____ agreement of 1985 relaxed a number of European border controls schengen
This element’s atomic number is 1 HYDROGEN
Tibet’s forbidden city LHASA
Time after which TV programmes unsuitable for children may be broadcast WATERSHED
To draw or paint LIMN
Turnips, to the Scottish NEEPS
Type of car called a station wagon in the USA ESTATE
Ukraine city whose previous names include Hughesovka and Stalino DONETSK
Unwanted fish or other aquatic creatures in a fisherman’s net BYCATCH
William Herschel used a microscope to show that this marine animal is not a plant CORAL