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Clues Answers
'Clambake' star ELVIS
'Eat up!' DIGIN
'Gigi' star CARON
'It's a deal!' SOLD
'No argument here!' AGREED
'Rawhide' singer Frankie LAINE
'Well, how about that!' ILLBE
'___ your life!' NOTON
17th of 24 letters RHO
2001 sports biopic ALI
50+ group AARP
Amos Alonzo in the College Football Hall of Fame STAGG
Appearance LOOKS
Archaeologist's find RELIC
Attacked unexpectedly AMBUSHED
Back in the Navy ASTERN
Battery part ANODE
Bawl out YELLAT
Betting method SYSTEM
Boot camp busyness DRILLS
Bound, in an annual way? LEAPYEARLY
Bovine with Bunyan BABE
Brand in the shaving aisle AFTA
Brother of Moses AARON
Cakes from the drugstore SOAPS
Capital on Guanabara Bay RIO
Capital on the Gulf of Guinea ACCRA
Captured GOT
Car available in Hyper Blue Metallic CAMARO
Carnival workers? STEWARDS
Checkers, for one SPANIEL
Choose an academic focus, in a nonspecific way? MAJORGENERALLY
Christmas candle scent BALSAM
Circular movement EDDY
Clue for a bloodhound ODOR
Commotion STIR
Considered DEEMED
Crash consultant TECH
Creature on the flags of Michigan and Maine MOOSE
Dan Quayle's successor ALGORE
Deal in illegal goods, in a moderate way? TRAFFICLIGHTLY
Defensive ditch MOAT
Demonstrated derision SNEERED
Destructive DAMAGING
DJ's collection LPS
Do nothing SITBY
Do some downsizing, in a principal way? FIRECHIEFLY
Do something ACT
Dobie of sitcom fame GILLIS
Dot follower COM
Draw ___ on ABEAD
Dress GARB
Durable wood ELM
Eastern Mediterranean region LEVANT
Elephantine Island site NILE
Esco of TV's 'S.W.A.T.' LINA
Feed the flowers, in a primary way? WATERMAINLY
Food processor BELLY
Former Raiders coach Tom FLORES
Frosh friend ROOMIE
Geriatrics focus OLDAGE
Get on the train, in a plucky way? BOARDGAMELY
Glass-covered halls ATRIA
Goes around SKIRTS
Hall of Fame quarterback Dawson LEN
Handle SEETO
Clues Answers
Have an inspiration INHALE
He ran with JFK LBJ
Hodgepodges OLIOS
Hollywood's Robert and Alan ALDAS
Home stretch? YOGA
Important time ERA
Insignificant MERE
Latin love AMOR
Lavatory division STALL
Less civil RUDER
Lorry fuel PETROL
Make a reservation, in an evenhanded way? BOOKFAIRLY
Many a flower girl NIECE
Monomaniacal captain AHAB
Nice round number PAR
Northern Italian city, to natives GENOVA
Noted Plymouth family ALDENS
Objective AIM
Orange carafe's fill DECAF
Out of touch with reality SPACY
Pina ___ COLADA
Places LOCI
Playing field makeup SOD
Prevailing attitude MOOD
Quickly stoop down, in a heedless way? DUCKBLINDLY
Records for later viewing TIVOS
Reservation desk bane NOSHOW
Revue bit SKIT
Secret competitor ARRID
See 38-Down EARP
Seedy fruit FIG
Set straight ORIENT
Smackers DOUGH
Smelter input ORE
Social group CASTE
Some singing groups TRIOS
Star in Orion RIGEL
Stephen of 'The Gifted' MOYER
Stipulation in a star athlete's contract NOTRADE
Submitted by mail SENTIN
Tacked on APPENDED
Target of some raids FRIDGE
Texas-based computer company DELL
Thailand neighbor LAOS
The Cisco Kid's horse DIABLO
The White Swan, in 'Swan Lake' ODETTE
Theater coach Hagen UTA
There are 1,760 in a mi YDS
Three-time role for Keanu NEO
Thumb drive alternative CDROM
Thumb drive contents DATA
Tibetan holy man LAMA
Tightfitting undergarment CORSET
Trilling performance ARIA
Tyson nickname IRONMIKE
Umlaut doppelganger DIERESIS
Unable to eat another bite SATED
Uno plus due TRE
Utter travesties FARCES
Violinist Menuhin YEHUDI
Volume setting? LIBRARY
What Rhett Butler didn't give ADAMN
With 65-Down, brother of Virgil and Morgan WYATT
Wolfgang Puck's first restaurant SPAGO
Work units ERGS
___ Fail (Ireland's 'Stone of Destiny') LIA
___ Islands (former name of Tuvalu) ELLICE
___ Na Na SHA