USA Today - Dec 29 2017

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Clues Answers
"Do as I say!" OBEY
"Girls" creator Dunham LENA
"Pokemon" genre ANIME
"___ just me?" ISIT
A Beatrix Potter rabbit PETER
Alliance with its HQ in Brussels NATO
Be totally preoccupied OBSESS
Bills, upon being signed LAWS
Bird that's a symbol of extinction DODO
Bouquet holder VASE
Brain part STEM
Catalog sales company of cartoondom ACME
Cause of a hiccup SPASM
Complete a glider ride LAND
Cooling system component WATERPUMP
Copier paper buy REAM
Cornfield pest CROW
Cosmic explosion NOVA
Creative pursuits ARTS
Cross off OMIT
Deal in, as vintage clothing RESELL
Double-crossers RATS
Earring variety HOOP
Ecology-minded Dr. Seuss character LORAX
Embracing pair ARMS
Energetic quality, informally OOMPH
Enjoys Dubble Bubble CHEWS
Fasten with a click SNAPON
From scratch ANEW
Gadget that creates circular scraps HOLEPUNCH
Grand Lodge group ELKS
Harsh, like Siberian winters BRUTAL
Hornets and yellowjackets WASPS
Imaginary planetary line AXIS
In perpetuity EVER
Interrupter's utterance AHEM
Island listed on Obama's birth certificate OAHU
Kurdistan's locale ASIA
Leading a hermit's life ALONE
Clues Answers
Letter after epsilon ZETA
Like Mr. Magoo or Mr. Clean BALD
Lizard with short, or no, limbs SKINK
Material in a smithy's shop IRON
McClurg or Brickell EDIE
Mounts up GROWS
Not great SOSO
Opera with an Egyptian king AIDA
Phone keypad symbol STAR
Portraitist's prop EASEL
Prospective buyer's proposal OFFER
Protest noisily CLAMOR
Rain-resistant rollout TARP
Ready for harvesting RIPE
Reasonable treatment FAIRSHAKE
Release, as smoke VENT
Repairs, as a rip MENDS
Rich, multilayered cakes TORTES
Rides summoned by doormen CABS
Ridge in a parking lot SPEEDBUMP
RSVP inclusion, often SASE
Santiago's nation CHILE
Seaman's "Stop!" BELAY
Service from Sweeney Todd SHAVE
Servings of ribs SLABS
Side at Long John Silver's SLAW
Sound from a horror movie watcher GASP
Sports standings column LOSSES
State with conviction AVOW
Stools and saddles, e.g SEATS
The last parts 20- and 60-Across and 10- and 36-Down are things you can do with this FIST
Toyota's luxury line LEXUS
Train the crosshairs on AIMAT
Treat with malice SPITE
Triple-time dance WALTZ
Two-channel sound STEREO
Went like a shot TORE
What a race leader sets PACE
Writers of alimony checks EXES