The A.V Club - Dec 31 2008

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Clues Answers
'Grand, ungodly, godlike man' of fiction AHAB
'He's Just Not That Into You' coauthor Tuccillo LIZ
'Milk' co-star Hirsch EMILE
'Naughty you!' SHAME
'Peter Pan' dog NANA
'Reptilia' band, with 'The' STROKES
'Schyah!' ASIF
'Super Breakout' company ATARI
'The Producers' actor Nathan LANE
60's TV crimefighter NESS
Add audio DUB
Agronomist's concern SOIL
AOL or MSN, e.g. ISP
At hand, in poems ANEAR
Bay ___ AREA
Bird related to the puffin AUK
Bonobo, e.g. APE
Cabaret show REVUE
Camelot, to Arthur REALM
Catch some Z's NAP
Cause of inflation? AIRPUMP
Chairman pro ___ TEM
Check for drinks TAB
Comparatively reasonable SANER
Diva's delivery ARIA
Dr. Bunsen Honeydew's assistant at Muppet Labs BEAKER
Dr. Seuss' 'If ___ the Zoo' IRAN
Drifting, maybe ATSEA
Engages in pugilism BOXES
Eyeball OGLE
Greek liqueur OUZO
Hankerings YENS
Harvard, Yale, or Princeton, e.g. IVY
Horned rock climber IBEX
Hot stuff, often SALSA
Hungry order LARGE
Clues Answers
Hurdle for a graduate degree, maybe ORALS
Hyper personality TYPEA
In conflict with AFOULOF
It's a no-no TABOO
Larry Flynt's stock-in-trade SMUT
Like the Sp. 'el' MASC
Mahalo nui ___ (thank you very much, in Hawaiian) LOA
Movie preview TEASER
New Year's hair-of-the-dog breakfast? CHAMPAGNETOAST
New Year's item 'dropped' in a brothel? BENWABALL
New Year's promise made to one's self while stoned? HIGHRESOLUTION
New Year's soiree that brings in the bucks? STAGPARTY
Noted former Middle Tennessee State University lecturer Al GORE
Nurse in an Amy Tan novel AMAH
On one's toes ALERT
Overhead light? SUN
Places to go in Britain? LAVS
Play that coined the word 'robot' RUR
Played out STALE
Possibly sarcastic joke response ZING
Proactiv target ZIT
Reed who sang 'when the smack begins to flow/then I really don't care anymore' LOU
Reitman rumored to be involved with 'Ghostbusters III' IVAN
Ringers BELLS
Rubber ducky's milieu TUB
Saintly glow HALO
Speeders' penalties FINES
Spicy candies REDHOTS
Start of something big? MEGA
Supper in a sty SWILL
Tabloid twosomes ITEMS
The 'k' in 24k KARAT
Thousands, in slang GEES
Tribal leader, often ELDER
Tricks RUSES
Violinmaker Nicolo AMATI
___ Bear (Animal Collective member) PANDA
___ stamp (lower back tattoo) TRAMP
___-mo SLO