New York Times - Dec 26 2017

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Clues Answers
'Halt!,' to a sailor AVAST
'Later, old chap' TATA
'The Catcher in the ___' RYE
Apple apps use it IOS
Appointer of Sotomayor and Kagan to the Supreme Court OBAMA
Baking container for a cobbler PIETIN
Big name in tractors DEERE
Birthday card number AGE
Bridal path AISLE
Bullfighter TORERO
Burmese or Persian CAT
Burmese or Persian ASIAN
Butt muscle GLUTE
Chalupa alternative TACO
Check for flaws INSPECT
Chemical symbol for tungsten CAPITALW
Clip-___ (certain sunglasses) ONS
Coffee, slangily JOE
Collection of information DATABASE
Convenient to carry PORTABLE
Deadly FATAL
Debussy work whose title is French for 'The Sea' LAMER
Dog-___ (like some well-read books) EARED
Dr. Frankenstein's assistant IGOR
Effortlessness EASE
Falls behind LAGS
First full month of spring: Abbr APR
FĂștbol cheer OLE
Get wind of HEAR
Go bad SPOIL
Hackneyed BANAL
Hailed vehicle CAB
Islands surrounding lagoons ATOLLS
Ja Rule hit that includes the lyric 'Wash away your tears' ICRY
Killed, as a dragon SLEW
Lecherous deity SATYR
Like some handshakes and formulas SECRET
Main city in Chile SANTIAGO
Mark never seen in an online crossword ERASURE
Clues Answers
Mean dog CUR
Method: Abbr SYS
Middays NOONS
Military vehicle used for reconnaissance SCOUTCAR
Neighbor of Afghanistan IRAN
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
One of the Three Bears PAPA
Perform in a play ACT
Playbill listing CAST
Puts up ERECTS
Region around San Francisco BAYAREA
Sandwich that's often stuck with toothpicks BLT
Santa ___ winds ANA
Second-century pope PIUSI
See blurb AJJACOBS
Snow White's sister ROSERED
Sore spot ABSCESS
Strike a chord RESONATE
The '75' of $1.75: Abbr CTS
The 'A' of U.A.E ARAB
Things used on a bridle path REINS
Third-year students: Abbr JRS
Threatening person MENACER
Tolerate ABIDE
Ukrainian city on the Black Sea ODESSA
Vaping devices ECIGS
Venice thoroughfare CANAL
Welcomed at the door SEENIN
Write using a keyboard TYPE
Yoga positions ASANAS
Zilch NADA
___ Enterprise USS
___ v. Wade ROE
___-friendly ECO