USA Today - Dec 24 2017

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Clues Answers
"A ___ pittance!" MERE
"Cat Family" painter Jan STEEN
"I forbid you!" DONT
"Monsters, ___" (Pixar movie) INC
"Roots" author Haley ALEX
"Solve for x" subject ALGEBRA
"Stupid is as stupid does," e.g ADAGE
"Terrif!" FAB
"What'll ya ___?" HAVE
1945 flag-raising site, briefly IWO
Adds a lane to, say WIDENS
Bangers and ___ (British dish) MASH
Battle of Trenton mercenary HESSIAN
Bit of brainwork IDEA
Boring tool AUGER
Breaker of Ruth's record in 1961 MARIS
Bugs Bunny antagonist Yosemite SAM
Carbon monoxide's lack ODOR
Coffee named for a Yemeni city MOCHA
Cut at a 45-degree angle MITER
D-Day beach OMAHA
De Gaulle's birthplace LILLE
Decline, as stock prices SAG
Doing nothing IDLE
Early bird's victim WORM
Farthest orbital point APOGEE
Fritter away WASTE
Gaggle members GEESE
Gathering that may feature jousters RENAISSANCEFAIR
Give a nudge to PROD
Grace ender AMEN
Hard disk or magnetic tape RECORDINGMEDIUM
Heading under which "Cut" and "Copy" appear EDIT
Heaven-sent food MANNA
Highest Boy Scouts rank EAGLE
Icy coating RIME
In unison ASONE
India's untouchables, e.g CASTE
Clues Answers
It may say "Wipe your paws" MAT
KGB counterpart, once CIA
Like Crusoe, at first ALONE
Like drive-thru window orders TOGO
Like the first LPs MONO
Liver secretion BILE
Many a Wagner composition OPERA
Marisa of "Spider-Man: Homecoming" TOMEI
Microprocessor name since 1971 INTEL
Midwest or Northeast, to the U.S REGION
Napoleon and Amin, for two EXILES
Nixonian hand signal VEE
Nonprofit's URL suffix ORG
Occupy the throne RULE
Of folklore FABLED
Oktoberfest vessel STEIN
One of the first two MLB expansion teams ANGELS
One of the Trump sons ERIC
Pet food giant IAMS
Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay EDNA
Pompous sorts ASSES
Portfolio item, in brief IRA
River near the Uffizi Gallery ARNO
Rock that's fracked SHALE
Sci-fi ability ESP
Scientific calculator function SINE
Souffle needs EGGS
Standard Windows typeface ARIAL
Stat boosted by extra-base hits SLUGGINGAVERAGE
Still in the running ALIVE
Sugar-free, perhaps NOCAL
Sundance showing FILM
T-shaped crosses TAUS
Tackles an assignment HASATIT
Take-home figure NET
Victorian or Elizabethan ERA
Vietnamese seaport HUE
___ Grey tea EARL
___ Minella (Muppet monkey) SAL