Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 23 2017

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Clues Answers
1000 involved in strike coming down the hill RAMP
A liquid measure for king falling over her majesty DRACHM
A small tree in Bosnia all over the place BONSAI
Boring routine is covered up inside, if truth be told RUT
Church ringleader is in the wrong and in the plot CHERVIL
Concealed by characters in play ACT
Cool mob working in Asian port COLOMBO
Decline part of the oath of allegiance FALL
Demand too much of old priest retiring with a fair amount of 4 down OVERTAX
Edges behind the eight ball and it sounds like a warning BELL
Election promise to charge Lance TAXCUT
Form an opinion of Unionist in pit SUMUP
Guarantee offers assurances to leader's husband OATH
Herb Ring from Orange Order OREGANO
How to get out of Sherwood with industrious group DOERS
Hutch and Ward running off barrels of porter perhaps COOPER
In effect, take it as a done deal with feta cod salad DEFACTO
In so far as leaving Burkina Faso for city in the Caucasus BAKU
Is Jack up for Nick locally? LIFT
Clues Answers
Kitty retires from Utah institute, heading off gently, and that's no exaggeration TOPUTITMILDLY
Leave out citation that doesn't include Regina EXCEPT
Lots of hot mushy peas HEAPS
Memory comes back to officer from firm in Africa MOROCCO
New album by legend is over-the-top and a pain in the rear LUMBAGO
Nutty type of poor old man ALMOND
One of the classifieds comes with its own distinctive stamp that no one is supposed to see TOPSECRETFILE
Shoot in Budapest without tapes BUD
Short of a nice, polite type UNCIVIL
Slippery type that's a part of the meso-appendix SOAP
Some producer's Cabernet is one of the top picks? SCAB
Songbird in wild hurts top of head THRUSH
Strut out of tourist class with church parties SOCIALS
The best of the sides today TOP
Turns up, most of the space taken up by non-drinkers is for greeting overseas party ALOHA
Type of car sign left out as a visual aid for one of those from Top Gear, for instance AUTOCUE
Unexpectedly, finds oneself here in parodies taking off first character ENDSUP
Where to find teacher of best student? TOPOFTHECLASS
With no introduction, spiked article and poster for who was best in show TOPPEDTHEBILL