USA Today - Dec 22 2017

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Clues Answers
"It'd be nice if . . ." IWISH
"Not ___ shabby!" TOO
"Up the creek" or "down the hatch" IDIOM
A founding Jackson 5 member TITO
Acted the snitch FINKED
Activist Brockovich ERIN
African nation where Ali KO'd Foreman ZAIRE
Age, in days, of pease porridge of rhyme NINE
Air Force One, e.g JET
Apple offering since 1998 IMAC
Arctic drifter, for short BERG
At the heart of AMID
Blu-ray disc defect WARP
Brit's baby buggy PRAM
Business with milking machines DAIRY
Causes of some home explosions GASLEAKS
Chinese calendar animal RAT
Chose to admit ACCEPTED
Coin in the Kremlin RUBLE
Color on postcards from the Caribbean AQUA
Complexion woe ACNE
Cul-de-___ SAC
D.C. monogram after HST DDE
Disneyland attraction RIDE
Doers of tedious work PEONS
Eaglet's home AERIE
Election season plea VOTE
Electric fan part MOTOR
Els with two Masters wins ERNIE
Ended a skydive ALIT
Former couple EXES
Gem in carvings of Buddha JADE
Glazier's unit PANE
Headlines below a TV anchor NEWSCRAWL
Holiday sales that may begin around Oct. 1 CHRISTMASCREEP
Johnny of "The Tourist" DEPP
Just out NEW
Like a graduate's cap TASSELED
Clues Answers
Like many walls at Princeton IVIED
Marshmallow chick PEEP
McDonald's sign pair ARCHES
Memorable line from "Frankenstein" ITSALIVE
Mountain lion, by another name PUMA
Nemo's forgetful friend DORY
Of the same value EQUAL
Pellet propellant AIR
Periods named for football coaches, perhaps ERAS
Places for 1-Across TUBS
Places to soak BATHS
Proclaims to be true SAYSSO
Property tax payer OWNER
Refuse to allow NIX
Remove a knot from UNTIE
Response to "Marco!" POLO
Result of a brainstorming session IDEA
Ruins find RELIC
School monitor's patrol HALL
Seats for the flock PEWS
Snack with a lickable center OREO
Source of all life, some believe PRIMORDIALOOZE
Soy-based soup MISO
Spit curl's shape SPIRAL
Striker's replacement SCAB
Textile colorers DYES
Think about overnight, say SLEEPON
Took back, as a title REWON
Triangle's bottom BASE
Tributes in verse ODES
Typesetter's option FONT
Unit of engine displacement CUBICINCH
Wader with a curved bill IBIS
Watermelon-producing plant VINE
Went on the blink ACTEDUP
Word after Tweety or sweetie PIE
___ Institute (libertarian think tank) CATO
___ West (life preserver) MAE