- Dec 21 2017

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Clues Answers
''Chicago'' star GERE
''Don't move!'' WAITHERE
''I'm impressed!'' GEE
''Masking'' stuff TAPE
''Merry and bright'' December song WHITECHRISTMAS
''No crib'' December song AWAYINAMANGER
''Seagoing'' December song ISAWTHREESHIPS
''That's what you think!'' HAH
27th president TAFT
Adagio, for instance TEMPO
Add more stores EXPAND
Be at the edge of ABUT
Bestows AWARDS
Book of Judges strongman SAMSON
Brainy introvert DWEEB
Brief instant TRICE
Canvas structure TENT
Certain nest egg IRA
Certain physician's combo degree MDPHD
Checked out EYED
Checkout counter item GUM
Common sense REASON
Contemporary NEW
Cursor mover ARROWKEY
Darkroom abbr NEG
Deep fissure ABYSS
Diner dessert PIE
Director Howard RON
Discontinuity GAP
Dispenser sweet PEZ
Doesn't sign off on NIXES
Exceeds, as budgeted time RUNSOVER
Feminine ''a'' in French UNE
Gargantuan HUGE
Got angry, so to speak BURNED
Got comfy NESTED
Great success COUP
Guitar cousin UKE
Hand (out) METE
Clues Answers
Hang down SAG
Have debt OWE
Have something EAT
Heavy gas XENON
Hodgepodge STEW
Horse to ride MOUNT
Ice cream amount DIP
Igneous rocks, once MAGMA
Iota preceder ETA
Just when expected ONTIME
Knock the socks off AMAZE
Metaphor for deceit WEB
Name on western Washington maps PUGET
Nine, on the Seine NEUF
Other name for Mars ARES
Paper's essays OPEDS
Part of Cajun stews OKRA
Part of TGIF ITS
Preprogrammed, perhaps ONAUTO
Printed words TEXT
Raiment ATTIRE
Reprimanded CHIDED
Saint __ and Nevis KITTS
Signed off on OKED
Sternward AFT
Stomped (on) TROD
Strange ODD
Tavern container KEG
Tavern container MUG
The present TODAY
Throw with might HEAVE
Tiny bit TAD
Used to be WERE
Wingding FETE
Wingding PARTY
With the upshot being SOTHAT
Wound down ENDED