L.A. Times Daily - Dec 20 2017

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Clues Answers
"0" button letters OPER
"Gunsmoke" star James ARNESS
"I understand!" GOTIT
"Just Visiting" Monopoly square JAIL
"Size matters not" Jedi master YODA
Ancestry.com diagram TREE
Apple pie spice NUTMEG
Article in Der Spiegel EIN
Aunt Bee's boy OPIETAYLOR
Author Silverstein SHEL
Big coffee holders URNS
Black Friday events SALES
Boots from school EXPELS
Brief and forceful PITHY
Chicago-based cable superstation WGN
City on the Rhine BONN
Conjured up MADE
Convenient bags TOTES
Davis of "All About Eve" BETTE
Dealer's tip TOKE
Dinner table question answered by this puzzle's circled letters WHATSFORDESSERT
Director Howard RON
Disney World's county ORANGE
Early TV maker RCA
Entry on a list ITEM
Female deer DOE
Five-card draw variation JACKSORBETTER
Flushed RED
Gas tank cover CAP
General on Chinese menus TSO
Invitation request RSVP
It may be enough ONCE
Jeans joints SEAMS
Jicama or ginseng ROOT
Lady bird HEN
Latte option MOCHA
Life-saving pro EMT
Magical mixture ELIXIR
Clues Answers
Major deity in Indonesia ALLAH
Matador's opponent ELTORO
Mosul Dam's river TIGRIS
Much of the Silk Road is in it ASIA
Mythical big bird ROC
Negev Desert land: Abbr ISR
No longer here GONE
Oceans ATON
Old Glory's star count FIFTY
One, for Monet UNE
Org. in the 2000 film "Traffic" DEA
Out of style PASSE
Overbearing ARROGANT
Polygraph procedure LIEDETECTORTEST
Pop by VISIT
Professional pursuit CAREER
Racket NOISE
Sentence structure element NOUN
Sidekick who rode Scout TONTO
Small swallow SIP
Some NHL endings OTS
Soul singer James ETTA
St. Peter holds its keys HEAVEN
Stock market debut, initially IPO
Subject of Newton's first law INERTIA
Supercilious type SNOOT
Syrian city on the Silk Road ALEPPO
Tease RIB
They catch fish NETS
Tool that gets ground up HOE
Totally creamed ATEALIVE
Two-time Oscar-winning director Lee ANG
Ventilate AIR
Veterinarian's subj ANAT
Video game letters NES
Window unit PANE
__ Robles, California PASO