Wall Street Journal - Dec 20 2017 - Get My Drift?

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Clues Answers
'...and a happy ___ year' NEW
'...___ I tell of Yuletide treasure, fa la la la la la la la la!' WHILE
'God ___ ye merry, gentlemen...' REST
'Keep dreaming!' ASIF
'Modern Family' dad PHIL
'The ___ Love' (R.E.M. song) ONEI
'___ beginning to look a lot like Christmas...' ITS
2013 Robert Redford movie ALLISLOST
A Christmas tree's is piney ODOR
Affordable, in brand names ECONO
Alkaline solution LYE
Archaeologist's discovery TOMB
Armed for a winter battle? SNOWBALLBEARING
Bethlehem setting JUDEA
Brake component PAD
Chore involving seven little pairs of pants? SNOWWHITEWASH
Comet, e.g DEER
Cornish of 2009's 'Bright Star' ABBIE
Dior dress ALINE
Disclaim DENY
Diva delivery TRILL
DMV wait, seemingly EON
Emperor Atahualpa, e.g INCA
Fair, in a way BLOND
Flannel shirt feature, often PLAID
Free RID
Gooey party spread BRIE
Guarantee that your deception won't be given away? SNOWJOBSECURITY
Heater GUN
Home of the Maple Leafs TORONTO
Inventive account LIE
It can make for frenzied flocks LOCOWEED
It hits the roof RAIN
Kin of a police BOLO APB
Like loafers IDLE
Like some Christmas Masses SOLEMN
Long-distance call? HEY
Magi modifier WISE
Clues Answers
Malty brew BROWNALE
Massenet opera MANON
Mechanical repetition ROTE
Much of Eur., once SSRS
Numerical comparison RATIO
Olympic weapons EPEES
Parisian chanteuse EDITHPIAF
Pitcher Hershiser OREL
Place to deck with boughs of holly HALL
Public menorah lighter, often RABBI
Quote on a jacket BLURB
Recipe instruction MINCE
Ring dances HORAS
Service sign-off AMEN
Siberia neighbor in Risk URAL
Small amphibians NEWTS
Some Christmas decorations GREENS
Spot for a tot visiting Santa LAP
Spots for skiers RUNS
Squeeze and twist WRING
Stanley Cup, e.g TROPHY
Stock collection? HERD
Stock up on LAYIN
Supplies an address ORATES
Tag played on the slopes? SNOWBOARDGAME
Take on cargo LADE
Takes a place at the table SITS
Temperance proponents DRYS
Tempo PACE
Travel mug part LID
TV journalists Burnett and Andrews ERINS
Twinkling JIFFY
Vaulted recesses APSES
Waggle dance dancer BEE
Welcoming wreath LEI
Winter of rock EDGAR
Wrongful act TORT
Yammered JAWED