New York Times - Dec 19 2017

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Clues Answers
'But of course!' AHA
'Gilmore Girls' protagonist LORELAI
'Moby-Dick' light source OILLAMP
'That would stink' HOPENOT
'The Holly and the ___' (Christmas song) IVY
'Would you look at that!' OOH
'Yahoo!' YAY
'___ take arms against a sea of troubles': Hamlet ORTO
2000s teen drama set in Newport Beach THEOC
2010 Disney film that set a record for the most expensive animated movie ever made TANGLED
A little thick DIM
Absolutist's rule IRONLAW
Archaeological handle ANSA
Arles assent OUI
Baden-Baden, for one SPA
Blue Stater, for short DEM
Christmas tree decoration ... or a hint to what the circled letters form CANDYCANE
Cries of disgust EWS
Designer Gucci ALDO
Dot-dot-dot, dash-dash-dash, dot-dot-dot SOS
Fate who cuts the thread of life ATROPOS
Fills with fury ENRAGES
Fix, as a race RIG
Flip call HEADS
Forever and a day EON
Gallery sign ARTSALE
Gets underway STARTS
Given to talk CHATTY
Hearing aid? MIC
Human-powered taxi PEDICAB
I'm not buying it! RENTAL
It's on the waterfront PIER
Juno's Greek counterpart HERA
Kurt of Nirvana COBAIN
Language group that gave us 'banjo' and 'gumbo' BANTU
Like black sheep RARE
Long-handled tool HOE
Loud lament SOB
Clues Answers
Make, as dough EARN
Netflix item DVD
New York City bridge, informally, with 'the' TRIBORO
Number for a surgeon? GAS
Part of a shore dinner MUSSELS
Pile up AMASS
Police dept. alert APB
Popular footwear from Down Under UGGS
Potful for Winnie-the-Pooh HONEY
Put an end to something? SIT
Recurring action role for Matt Damon BOURNE
Romanian currency LEU
Same old, same old USUAL
See 17-Across ELS
See 4-Across TOOTH
Show disdain for, in a way HISSAT
Soak (up) SOP
Some office printers, for short HPS
Something squirreled away? ACORN
Sound heard from a herd BAA
South American tuber OCA
Stitch with a hook CROCHET
Succumb to pressure? BURST
Suffix with diet ETIC
Suffix with real or social ISM
Tattered WORN
Tends to, as a cradle ROCKS
Those, in Spain ESOS
Tree with smooth bark BIRCH
Vermeer and Rembrandt contemporary STEEN
What a rolling stone is unlikely to gather LICHEN
What's left RESIDUE
With 14-Across, weakness for sugar SWEET
With 25-Down, 2012 British Open winner ERNIE
___-chic (hippie-inspired fashion) BOHO