The Times - Concise - Times Concise No 7525

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Clues Answers
Amusing, droll WITTY
Anxious NERVY
Bullfighter MATADOR
Cheese on toast RAREBIT
Coin-operated music player JUKEBOX
Equipment KIT
Experienced sailor sea dog
Extreme patriot flag-waver
Fate, destiny KARMA
Glass fitter GLAZIER
Internet search program CRAWLER
Large parrot MACAW
Large snake BOA
Clues Answers
Mammal with a pouch MARSUPIAL
Military colour KHAKI
Mistake ERROR
Parking slot BAY
Persian king XERXES
Rate of occurrence FREQUENCY
Relating to different branches of humanity RACIAL
Roof end GABLE
Shrub flavouring gin JUNIPER
Subject of a crime VICTIM
Toothed disc gear wheel
Type of product BRAND
Vegetable PEA
Wooden box; committee CABINET