Rock and Roll - Dec 17 2017

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Clues Answers
"Darkness at the break of noon shadows ___ the silver spoon" EVEN
"Factory Girl" Sedgwick EDIE
"Headstrong" rockers TRAPT
"Hurricane" line: "___ Patty Valentine from the upper hall" ENTER
"London Town" rapper KANO
"Maybe You'll Be There" line "How can ___ like this" ITEND
"Mr. Roboto" rockers STYX
"Oh sister, am I ___ brother to you?" NOTA
"She dropped a ___ into the cup of a blind man at the gate" COIN
"There's a slow, slow train comin' up around the ___" BEND
"Three Times a Lady" band COMMODORES
"___ oh my, love that country pie" OHME
'86 Cinderella debut NIGHTSONGS
13th Floor ___ ELEVATORS
3-piece group TRIO
30 ___ to Mars SECONDS
Actress Gershon who knocked Bob Dylan down while sparring GINA
Adele's Dylan cover "___ You Feel My Love" MAKE
Blink-182 album "___ of the State" ENEMA
Bob Dylan "Each one I've never ___ again" SEEN
Bob Dylan "Heart of ___" MINE
Bob Dylan "I didn't mean to ___ you so bad" TREAT
Bob Dylan "I Forgot More Than You'll ___ Know" EVER
Bob Dylan "If I have ___, steal or borrow" TOBEG
Bob Dylan "Tell me, behind what door your ___ lies" TREASURE
Bob Dylan "You're the one I ___, come over here and give me more" ADORE
Bob Dylan "___ and Ends" ODDS
Bob Dylan "___ Me in the Morning" MEET
Bob Dylan "___ the Door, Homer" OPEN
Bob Dylan won this Prize in Literature NOBEL
Buck who covered Dylan's "Love Minus Zero/No Limit" OWENS
Chantay Savage "Give It ___" TOYA
Dave Mustaine band MEGADETH
Depeche Mode "Master ___" ANDSERVANT
Do this when you finally get Dylan's new album RELAX
Dylan "No ___ front of me and nothing behind" ONEIN
Dylan "Only if she was lyin' by me then ___ in my bed once again" IDLIE
Dylan album "World ___ Wrong" GONE
Clues Answers
Dylan gets a sunshine one in "Huck's Tune" TAN
Dylan has a lot of these lying around NOTES
Dylan sang of the "Gates of" this EDEN
Dylan saw a "Shooting" one on "Oh Mercy" STAR
Dylan sings of a father of grain and this WHEAT
Dylan's Wilbert Harrison cover "We made ___ not to leave one another, never" AVOW
Elvis Costello producer Nick LOWE
Epic Records CEO and icon LAREID
Erykah ___ BADU
Fiona Apple debut album TIDAL
Iconic producer Brian ENO
In 2010, Dylan played ___ Southeastern University in FL NOVA
In 2014, Dylan played the Sydney ___ House OPERA
It's "Blowin' in the Wind" ANSWER
Kind of artist Dylan is, at times SOLO
Mouse catcher "In the Well," to Dylan CAT
Neil Diamond "Girl, You'll Be ___" AWOMANSOON
Of Montreal "A Question for ___ Foreman" EMILY
Old 97's Miller RHETT
On "Self Portrait" Dylan did his own cover this ART
One gets thrown to honor Dylan all the time GALA
People place these on Bob Dylan forums POSTS
Perfect Circle guitarist James IHA
RHCP girl in "By the Way" DANI
Road hotel chain HYATT
Rock Against Drugs, for short RAD
Simmons who Bob Dylan co-wrote "Waiting for the Morning Light" with GENE
Spill Canvas "Himerus and ___" EROS
Steve Douglas played this sax on Dylan's "Street-Legal" TENOR
Stones classic "___ Black" PAINTIT
The girl in "As I Went Out One Morning" took Dylan by his ARM
Traditional song "Wagoner's ___" LAD
Twenty One Pilots "Holding __ You" ONTO
Van Morrison "___ On, John Donne" RAVE
What Dylan did to his history for later albums MINED
What Dylan stood against on "Sun City" APARTHEID
Young who Dylan played with at Desert Trip NEIL
___ Rachel Wood who covered "I'd Have You Anytime" EVAN