- Dec 17 2017

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Clues Answers
''Grapes of Wrath'' migrant OKIE
''The Jungle Book'' setting INDIA
''To be'' in France ETRE
''Treasure Island'' monogram RLS
''__ be my pleasure!'' ITD
131 Across location BOTTOM
2008 presidential candidate MCCAIN
Activities DOINGS
Actor McKellen IAN
Actress Vardalos NIA
Alphabet quintet AEIOU
Altered, as legislation AMENDED
Article for Antoine UNE
Aussie greeting GDAY
Author of ''Cosmos'' and ''Comet'' SAGAN
Bag scanning org TSA
Barbecue piece RIB
Barrister in ''Pickwick Papers'' SERJEANTBUZFUZ
Bay city of Fla STPETE
Be unsuccessful FAIL
Brewpub array ALES
Cabernet producer WINERY
Cabinet dept AGR
Circumlocution Office bigwig in ''Little Dorrit'' DECIMUSBARNACLE
Clementine's dad MINER
Cochise or Geronimo APACHE
Completion END
Conductor Ozawa SEIJI
Couple DUO
Cruel schoolmaster in ''Nicholas Nickleby'' WACKFORDSQUEERS
Director Spike or Ang LEE
Doctrine TENET
Double-curve letters ESSES
Down on a map SOUTH
Driver's lic., for instance IDENT
Extreme enthusiasts ZEALOTS
Farm measures ACRES
Former UN head from Ghana ANNAN
Friendly nickname KIDDO
Grafton's ''__ for Ricochet'' RIS
Greek vowels IOTAS
Half an evasive maneuver ZAG
HDTV brand RCA
Heat up quickly, as chicken ZAP
Heats up quickly, as chicken NUKES
Hoopster's group NBA
Hosp. section ICU
In all honesty TRULY
In the style of ALA
Infomercial, e.g PAIDAD
Inquire about, rudely PRYINTO
Irish poet YEATS
Island near Java BALI
It may be read to rowdies RIOTACT
It's reshaped in 23 Down CORNEA
Jazz singer __ James ETTA
John __ Lennon ONO
Kitchen or den ROOM
Lacking resources NEEDY
Lake birds LOONS
Literary Rand AYN
Maine college city ORONO
Make unclear MUDDYUP
Make __ of (jot down) ANOTE
Marine Corps NCO SGT
Maui shindig LUAU
Miss Piggy pronoun MOI
Model's moves POSES
More qualified ABLER
Move one's canoe ROW
Muscle twitch TIC
Mysterious matters ARCANA
Clues Answers
Nesting insect WASP
Nullify UNDO
Observe SEE
On __ with (equivalent to) APAR
One with questions ASKER
Orchard, essentially TREES
Other than that ELSE
Own up to ADMIT
Oyster's protection SHELL
Part of AD ANNO
Phoenix suburb MESA
Pirate's domain SEA
Pistachio's red or green, for example DYE
Prefix for dynamic AERO
President during WWII FDR
Pretzel shapes KNOTS
Pro- opposite ANTI
Prohibit legally ENJOIN
Pt. opposite ENE WSW
Quaker State founder PENN
Quite a spread ESTATE
Rapper married to Beyoncé JAYZ
Regular earnings SALARY
Repair FIX
Repetitive drill ROTE
Residential water source FAUCET
Rip (up) TEAR
Rock-band staple GUITAR
Rodeo critter CALF
Rubbish holder ASHCAN
Rural address abbr RFD
Russian ruler during WWII STALIN
Sailboat staff CREW
Sales agent, for short REP
School matron in ''Dombey and Son'' CORNELIABLIMBER
School superintendent in ''Hard Times'' THOMASGRADGRIND
Seeking damages SUING
Sentence section CLAUSE
Shoe-print source SOLE
Show up APPEAR
Showed up CAME
Skater's leap AXEL
Southeast Asian language LAO
Sports venues ARENAS
Squid cousins OCTOPI
Steering wheel adjunct HORN
Stiffly formal STAID
Sty dwellers PIGS
Supple LITHE
Swamp critters CROCS
Sweepstakes submission ENTRY
Taper off WANE
The Big Board, for short NYSE
Thunderbirds org USAF
Tops of waves CRESTS
Twilight time SUNSET
University of __ Dame NOTRE
Urge on GOAD
Vexed state PIQUE
Vicinity AREA
Villain in ''Our Mutual Friend'' ROGUERIDERHOOD
Vision-correcting acronym LASIK
Voice above alto, for short MEZZO
Walks casually AMBLES
Wall hangings ART
Well-known FAMED
Wind farm production ENERGY
Wiping clean ERASING
Wise mentor GURU
Without cost GRATIS
__ fin (fish feature) DORSAL
__ out a living EKE
__ snail's pace (slowly) ATA