Wall Street Journal - Dec 16 2017 - Professional Development

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Clues Answers
'Flip or Flop' network HGTV
'Goodbye Christopher Robin' subject AAMILNE
'The Canticle of the Rose' poet SITWELL
'The Last Jedi' protagonist REY
'What's your decision?' YESORNO
'___ Is Born' ASTAR
Address abbr. preceding a number POB
Aegean eateries Tavernas
All over the Net VIRAL
Amazon purchase EBOOK
Arafat's successor ABBAS
Armenia's capital YEREVAN
Army choppers APACHES
Athletic Hamm MIA
Bad forecast for fighting fires WINDY
Bay window ORIEL
Becomes an occupant MOVESIN
Bit part JOKE
Boozers SOTS
Browns, on scoreboards CLE
Bumbler's utterance OOPS
Cancel out VOID
Carnation containers VASES
Catches flies YAWNS
Christmas carol NOEL
City on Guanabara Bay RIO
Cuba's Castro RAUL
Day-___ paint GLO
Deceiving LYINGTO
Defunct digital dictionary ENCARTA
Devil's designer? PRADA
Do a laundry task SORT
Dorothy of 'Gentleman's Agreement' MCGUIRE
Dynamic start AERO
Enjoy a hammock LOLL
Etouffee ingredient CRAWDAD
Exhibits anxiety PACES
Fashionable Geoffrey BEENE
Fastener with a letter-shaped cross section TNUT
Fire CAN
Fish with a barbel COD
For face value ATPAR
Ford and Lincoln AUTOS
Foremost PREMIER
Frappuccino choice MOCHA
Fraternal order since 1868 ELKS
Fury IRE
Garage sale discovery ANTIQUE
Garr of 'Tootsie' TERI
Go to the next chapter READON
Good guy SAINT
Got the gold WON
Grandly appointed POSH
Grassy expanse PRAIRIE
H.S. big shots SRS
Hacienda house CASA
Hacienda room SALA
Halls rival LUDENS
He complained of 'nattering nabobs of negativism' AGNEW
He was once a factor at Fox OREILLY
Here, in Le Havre ICI
Hit 'Reply All' on, maybe MISSEND
Hollywood Hamm JON
Home to the black spot piranha ORINOCO
Honorary deg. for an attorney LLD
Host to the Lennon Sisters WELK
Important person SOMEONE
Int. earner ACCT
Jim ___ (Tony Hillerman detective) CHEE
Clues Answers
LAPD figures SGTS
Like 'come' and 'go': Abbr IRR
Loads ALOT
Make colorful shirts, perhaps HANDDYE
Make safe from data thieves ENCRYPT
Mitt's mate ANN
Musee d'___ (Paris museum) ORSAY
Musical set in a junkyard CATS
Name on a famous B-29 ENOLA
Now, in Nicaragua AHORA
Nursery cry MAMA
O'Hara home TARA
Occupied INUSE
Of concern to nephrologists RENAL
Offensive, in a way NOTPC
Old war story ILIAD
Olympian award MEDAL
Picks up HEARS
Places for laces EYELETS
Pool cry MARCO
Pop's brother UNC
Print measures EMS
Professional development for a financial manager? ECONOMYCLASS
Professional development for a golf pro? DRIVEREDUCATION
Professional development for a market analyst? CRASHCOURSE
Professional development for a member of Parliament? PEERINSTRUCTION
Professional development for a member of the Fed? MONETARYUNIT
Professional development for a Smucker's employee? JAMSESSION
Professional development for an electrician? CIRCUITTRAINING
Professional development for an energy environmentalist? SOLARPANEL
Professional development for an Oscar Mayer employee? FRANKDISCUSSION
Putting target HOLE
Raptors center Poeltl JAKOB
Really fancy COVET
Region with runs SKIAREA
Rigel's constellation ORION
Robbins of Baskin-Robbins IRV
Roxane's lover CYRANO
Royals Hall of Famer BRETT
Said publicly AIRED
Santa player in 'Elf' EDASNER
Saxony seaport EMDEN
Sheared she EWE
Shrek, e.g OGRE
Social snack SCONE
Social snack TEACAKE
Solution component, perhaps ION
Sound investments CDS
Staples purchase TONER
Superman, on screen REEVE
Supporter ALLY
Swimmer on a slide AMEBA
Takes more blood, e.g RETESTS
Taylor or Monroe ACTRESS
Tempe sch ASU
Tense finishes in the NFL OTS
They're high at Harvard IQS
Three-person team TROIKA
Toto specialty SOFTROCK
Tribute with tweaking ROAST
Triple-platinum Alicia Keys album ASIAM
Wash'n ___ (towelette brand) DRI
Where Mandela was pres RSA
Where some boxers get exercise DOGPARK
Winner of the 2005 Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series LOST
Workout obsessive GYMRAT
___-ball (arcade game) SKEE
___-chef SOUS