L.A. Times Daily - Dec 15 2017

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Clues Answers
"All bets __ off" ARE
"Argo" setting TEHRAN
"Gangnam Style" genre, for short KPOP
"M*A*S*H" actor ALDA
"M*A*S*H" unit? EPISODE
"Still Me" memoirist REEVE
2017 NLDS player NAT
Actress Gabor EVA
Ancient Knossos denizen CRETAN
Apt brew for a golfer? TEA
Arcing shot LOB
Bagel shape TORUS
Baseball commission? ERROR
Belly dancer, e.g GYRATOR
Boxy Toyota SCION
Cabin bed COT
Cashed, as a forged check KITED
Collectible lemon EDSEL
Completely filled SATED
Dictators DESPOTS
Dietary watchwords NOFAT
DOD division NSA
Down-and-out inn FLEABAG
Eye sores STYES
Farmer's habitat? DELL
Fertilization target EGG
Garage services LUBES
Get dirty SOIL
Gilt-ridden king? MIDAS
Guitarist Paul LES
Gung-ho EAGER
Hasty flight LAM
Healing salve ALOE
Hit the sauce TOPE
Hoosegow SLAMMER
In the style of ALA
It may make you 29-Across SADSONG
Keats forte ODE
Key usually pressed and held ALT
Clues Answers
Lab container BEAKER
Like day-old seltzer FLAT
Like port, usually AGED
List of options MENU
Make a mess of BOTCH
Meat of which Australia is among the largest producers LAMB
Mex. distances KMS
Moist-eyed TEARY
One way to come home SLIDE
Oral soporific? LULLABY
Persian murmur PURR
Proceeded cautiously TOOKCARE
Putin's refusal NYET
Ricocheted CAROMED
Side dish piece FRY
Singers do it SEW
Slain brother ABEL
Smell to high heaven REEK
Soak (up), as gravy SOP
Soft finish? WARE
Solo with memorable lines HAN
Square one START
Steamed ANGRY
Stylish, '60s-style MOD
Takes cuts in a box BATS
They may be raw RECRUITS
Tie for cooking TRUSS
Track bet PLACE
Underhanded SLY
Unfinished Beethoven work a.k.a. "Dracula's Boy"? MOONLIGHTSON
Unfinished Beethoven work a.k.a. "Salute to Manning"? FURELI
Unfinished Mozart work a.k.a. "A Sorcerer's Bug"? THEMAGICFLU
Unfinished Puccini work a.k.a. "Homage to a Dairy"? MADAMABUTTER
Unfinished Vivaldi work a.k.a. "Water Music for the Mathematically Challenged"? THEFOURSEAS
View SEE
What the puzzled have NOCLUE
Whistle-blower REF
Word on Spanish mail AEREO