- Dec 15 2017

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Clues Answers
''C'mon, help me out'' BEAPAL
''I rule!'' exclamation BOOYA
''Island of the Blue Dolphins'' author ODELL
''Send in the Clowns'' tempo LENTO
''__ me . . .'' SOMETHINGTELLS
2000 Subway Series team METS
Auras of sanctity HALOES
Banded stone AGATE
Beast in a pack ASS
Become tiresome GETOLD
Both, to begin with AMBI
Brewery product LAGER
Catalysts AGENTS
Census collections STATS
Certain boar or bear SOW
Counteract UNDO
Court selection after Sonia ELENA
Destructive Olympian ARES
Dictionary notation ABBR
Divine sign OMEN
Earliest stages SEEDS
End of some sonatas CODA
Ends up with NETS
Excellent ACE
Family nickname NANA
Fish commercially TRAWL
Former baseball commissioner SELIG
Heart of an H-P CPU
Irritant PEST
It's north of Jamaica CUBA
It's west of Carson City TAHOE
Jimmy's ''Late Night'' successor SETH
Long-snouted swimmer SEAHORSE
Lyrical colleague of Kerouac BEATPOET
Clues Answers
Many a startup DOTCOM
Many Wall St. hires MBAS
Move smoothly to what's next SEGUE
New Marine BOOT
None the worse for wear INTACT
Org, with a WaterSense program EPA
Org. that previews films MPAA
Pelican State school TULANE
Playlist makeup TUNES
Point of view IDEA
Prepare to leave a plane UNBUCKLE
Proposal no EST
Put a value on ASSESS
Ready for freighting CRATED
Ready to fly, in a way BELTED
Repeated verb in Exodus 20 SHALT
Rocket power source THRUSTER
Sail support MAST
Smartphone features CAMS
Sound of bafflement HUH
Spanish equivalent of 49 Across COMO
Strong inclination ITCH
They're debatable ISSUES
This and that THESE
Tie up, as a tug MOOR
Toaster's center ESS
TripAdvisor listings HOTELS
Trounce in competition WHOMP
Turned dim PALED
Unfilled as yet, for short TBA
Verb like ''exister'' ETRE
Voice of King Harold in ''Shrek 2'' CLEESE
Wall-busting tool SLEDGE
Washington suburb MCLEAN
What 11 is made of ONES
Windfall BOON
YMCA class ESL