The Sun - Two Speed - Dec 12 2017

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Clues Answers
Accessories EXTRAS
Actors' perks EXTRAS
Also I notice internal Pernod flavouring ANISEED
Aquatic missile TORPEDO
Areas of housing ESTATES
Bird noise TWEET
Bread for tea with bit of butter on, for one CHAPATI
Breathe out EXHALE
Breathe out once healthy EXHALE
Bus depots TERMINI
Church singers CHOIR
Coagulate CONGEAL
Contempt SCORN
Contempt from some initially given cereal SCORN
Countless MYRIAD
Craving food HUNGRY
Declaim ORATE
Delight THRILL
Drooping FLACCID
European root vegetable SWEDE
Everyone recast act one without warning ALLATONCE
Famous Lisa found company in a state MONACO
Finest period HEYDAY
Folk tale LEGEND
Get a kick from most of the small current THRILL
Head back in charge in military jacket TUNIC
Clues Answers
Head of army leaves country, feeling peckish HUNGRY
Implicit TACIT
Implicit rebuilding of attic TACIT
Indian bread CHAPATI
Interim alterations to railway stations TERMINI
Inundate FLOOD
Kind of turnip SWEDE
Leers at OGLES
Liquorice flavouring ANISEED
Loose animal is turned over to police department FLACCID
Member to finish with an old story LEGEND
Military jacket TUNIC
Milk and cheese thrown up by 1000 - that's a lot MYRIAD
One foot in the door of drunken hotel do TOEHOLD
Prime time for making dried grass, so it's said HEYDAY
Riviera principality MONACO
Set large eel? Almost, not quite all CONGEAL
Singers, one entering basic job, shortly CHOIR
Sound of bird, small, in dry surroundings TWEET
Space science ASTRONOMY
Speak publicly about zero tax ORATE
Stares through goggles without Governor-General OGLES
Stray moon revealed by scientific study ASTRONOMY
Tea sets around landed properties ESTATES
Thing entering Kent, it yawns ENTITY
Tired agent went round shelter SLEEPY
Trooped round to get a missile TORPEDO
Type of light downpour FLOOD