Universal - Dec 11 2017

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Clues Answers
"Buona ___" (good night) SERA
"If that's the case ..." THEN
"It" baddie PENNYWISE
"Should we?" informally WANNA
A newton's 100,000 DYNES
Aaron or Ketcham HANK
Adamantly against ANTI
America's bird EAGLE
Appraises, as metals ASSAYS
Assassinated SLAIN
Assistant AIDE
Baylor's city WACO
Be a real coward TURNTAILANDRUN
Begets or sires SPAWNS
Bit of land PLOT
Calypso relative SKA
Cause for celebrating over a plate WALKOFFHOMERUN
Chill spot for some animals LAIR
Churn up ROIL
City near Sacramento CHICO
Clenched hand FIST
Comfort EASE
Counterfeiting FAKING
Danger PERIL
Dieter's target FLAB
Evidence of baking AROMA
Fall short FAIL
Flamboyant shoulder wraps BOAS
Fluctuating toy YOYO
Food scrap ORT
Friendly type? USER
Gaudy and cheap TAWDRY
Hawk's chill spot AERIE
Homeowner's chill spot PATIO
Icy coating RIME
In a slip MOORED
In all honesty TRULY
It reveals what's cooking MENU
Clues Answers
Main impact BRUNT
Meal in a can SOUP
More than wicked EVIL
Most populated Hawaiian island OAHU
Needed a bandage BLED
Ninesome NONET
Not together APART
Old Ford LTD
Overly thin BONY
Packs down TAMPS
Paving stone SETT
Pelvis bones SACRA
Pineapple Hawaiian island LANAI
Pouch SAC
Relatives of buddies MATEYS
Reprimand CHIDE
Reverse the effects of UNDO
Robin's chill out spot NEST
Royal domain REALM
Runny cheese BRIE
Shirt size LARGE
Simians APES
Sock some away SAVE
Something to sneak? APEEK
Stable newbie COLT
Station in NYC PENN
Sty sound OINK
Superlative rating AONE
Suspicious WARY
Testing spot LAB
The sound of spring? BOING
Tightens muscles TONES
Wild West lawman WYATTEARP
Words with "self-defense" ACTIN
___ mode ALA
___ of (frees oneself of) RIDS