L.A. Times Daily - Dec 10 2017

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Clues Answers
"Hmm ... " LETMESEE
"Hot corner" base THIRD
"That's no kidding" IMEANIT
"Unexpected blends" tea brand TAZO
'60s protest LIEIN
/, on some score sheets SPARE
Adams of "Her" AMY
Adheres (to) HEWS
Agreement often reluctant but still respectful YESDEAR
And the like: Abbr ETC
Ascended SCALED
Aspen traveler's item SKIBAG
Asthmatic's device INHALER
Barely beat (out) EDGE
Batman after Michael VAL
Beaning aftermath, sometimes BRAWL
Belgium winter hrs CET
Ben of "Roots" VEREEN
Biloxi-to-Mobile dir ENE
Bug catcher WEB
Calligraphy container INKPOT
Cartesian connection ERGO
Catch of the day, perhaps SEABASS
Cathedral recess APSE
Choice word WHETHER
Classroom array DESKS
Climbing aids RUNGS
Comfy slip-on MOC
Crime scene figure PERP
Cry out loud HOLLER
Dabbling ducks TEALS
Detective fiction genre NOIR
Dish alternative CABLE
Distant ALOOF
Dopey frame, e.g CEL
Down tune DIRGE
Earned WON
Ekberg of "La Dolce Vita" ANITA
Euro divs CTS
Eye __ EXAM
Felt the pain ACHED
Figure of speech? ORATOR
Film lioness NALA
Fish trapped in pots EELS
Flight takeoff fig ETD
Formally give CEDETO
Future chicken EGG
Genuine article REALDEAL
Get going, as an oven PREHEAT
Getting on in years ELDERLY
Golf course figure PRO
Google : Android :: Apple : __ IOS
Got the word HEARD
Hardy's "Pure Woman" TESS
Heaps ALOT
Herbal tea TISANE
Impact sound SPLAT
Important animal in '70s U.S.-China diplomacy PANDA
Impose, as a tax LEVY
Inc., in Toronto LTD
Inferior CHEAPO
Investment firm T. __ Price ROWE
It borders three oceans ASIA
It may be nervous TIC
It's not all good ... and it's literally found in this puzzle's circles MIXEDBLESSING
Jerry-rigged, in a way TAPEDON
Justice Dept. bigwigs AGS
Kathryn of HBO's "Oz" ERBE
Lackluster finish MATTE
Lady Tigers' sch TSU
Lara's husband in "Doctor Zhivago" PASHA
Clues Answers
Like Twiggy's style MOD
Long stretches AEONS
Luanda is its cap ANG
Lush SOT
Lust, e.g SIN
Making the Guinness Book, say SETTINGARECORD
Ministers TENDS
Mischief-makers DEMONS
Mole, perhaps AGENT
More offensive NASTIER
Mother of Castor LEDA
Mourning on the court ALONZO
Movie makeup dept. creations ETS
National summer sport of Canada LACROSSE
Ne'er-do-well KNAVE
Netflix alternative HULU
Now, in Nicaragua AHORA
Ocean rings ATOLLS
Oddball WEIRDO
Odysseus' kingdom ITHACA
Old Parmesan bread LIRE
One-named Tejano pop star SELENA
Paternity test letters DNA
Places to crash, in ads BRS
Plains folks? OSAGES
Plummeted SANK
Porcelain with a pale green glaze CELADON
Premier League powerhouse CHELSEA
Pro with a siren EMT
Pull TUG
Queen in "Frozen" ELSA
Recycling center item BEVERAGECAN
Reduced to rubble INRUINS
Remark to the audience ASIDE
Resort near Boston CAPEANN
Revolting sort? RIOTER
Roll call discovery ABSENCE
Sault __ Marie STE
School since 1440 ETON
Send-__: farewells OFFS
Settle up PAY
Shenanigan LARK
Short lines at the post office? ADDR
Sister of Clio ERATO
Skinny INFO
Social division CASTE
Some charges USERFEES
Space devoid of matter VACUUM
Stable baby FOAL
Sudden attack RAID
Super, slangily UBER
Sweetie HON
Takes courses at home? EATSIN
Teahouse treat SCONE
Tehran tinderbox for 14-plus months HOSTAGECRISIS
Thin as __ ARAIL
This, to Picasso ESTA
Thrills SENDS
Took charge of LED
Top-seller HOTITEM
Uncertainties IFS
Uses elbow grease on RUBS
Violet Crawley's title in "Downton Abbey" DOWAGERCOUNTESS
Wander (about) GAD
Wedding settings ALTARS
What "4" may mean: Abbr APR
What a Facebook post might draw STRONGREACTIONS
Workout addicts GYMRATS
World Cup events SOCCERGAMES
__ Tzu SHIH