Rock and Roll - Dec 10 2017

Clues Answers
"A Million Ways" OK Go album OHNO
"Ain't No Man" brothers AVETT
"Birds do it, bees do it, even educated ___ do it" FLEAS
"Bring this ship into the shore and throw away the ___ forever" OARS
"Can't Wait One Minute More" band CIV
"House of Secrets" metal band OTEP
"I Would Die for You" Jann ARDEN
"In My Dreams" ___ Speedwagon REO
"In ___ York minute, everything can change" ANEW
"King" Steve Martin sang about TUT
"Love, love ___, you know I love you" MEDO
"Nothing Compares 2 U" O'Connor SINEAD
"Puttin' on the Ritz" band TACO
"So Long, Astoria" group, with "The" ATARIS
"___ a Preacher Man" SONOF
"___ Me" Bill Withers USE
'80s Starship smash SARA
'81 Genesis album ABACAB
Alicia Keys "___ Am" ASI
All That Remains "For We ___ Many" ARE
B.B. King "Paying the ___ to Be the Boss" COST
Band symbols LOGOS
Biggie's genre RAP
Billy Idol "___ for Fantasy" FLESH
Cole Porter "Love for ___" SALE
Counting Crows "___ Angeles" LOS
Damian Marley collaborator NAS
Danzig goes to a "Black" one MASS
Daughtry "___ Live Rock and Roll" LONG
Debby Boone "You ___ Up My Life" LIGHT
Donna Summer '79 smash ONTHERADIO
Elton's john LOO
Eminem hit with Dido STAN
Five Stairsteps "___ Child" OOH
Galactic singer Glover COREY
George Strait "___ Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind" DOES
Gloria Estefan "___ the Beat Around" TURN
Goes with "ooh" AAH
Great White "___ Your Love" SAVE
Guitar pioneer/maker Paul LES
Clues Answers
Guitarists' cheat sheets (abbr.) TABS
Happy tempo UPBEAT
James "Can't catch love with ___ or a gun" ANET
Like only original member SOLE
Loverboy "Lovin' Every Minute ___" OFIT
Matchbox 20 song for clocking out? LONGDAY
Miami Sound Machine "Falling in Love (___)" UHOH
Mudvayne album "The ___ All Things to Come" ENDOF
Music TV show "The Old Grey Whistle ___" TEST
Naughty By Nature "___ Hooray" HIPHOP
Neck of the woods band is from AREA
New Found Glory "___ Miss" HITOR
New guitar's price label TAG
Oceanic Who song SEAANDSAND
Otis Redding "___ Little Tenderness" TRYA
Ozzy guitarist Zakk WYLDE
Paul Weller "My sweet ___" PEA
Phil Collins was "Against" them ODDS
Posted about upcoming show ALERTED
Reviewed in a bad way NEGATIVELY
Rod Stewart cover "This ___ Heart of Mine" OLD
Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne ADAM
Shawn Colvin "___ Small Repairs" AFEW
Silverchair "___ Song (Open Fire)" ANAS
Siouxsie and the Banshees "The Rapture" single OBABY
Soul singer Erykah BADU
Springsteen "Greetings From ___ Park, N.J." ASBURY
Steve Miller "Living in the ___" USA
Sunny Day ___ REALESTATE
Survivor "___ of the Tiger" EYE
The Presidents ride their "Buggy" on it DUNE
The Used "___ Believer" SHALLOW
Three Dog Night "The Show Must ___" GOON
Tour 18-wheeler RIG
Unseen Guest "Place Your ___" BETS
Village People "It's fun to ___ at the YMCA" STAY
What Scorpions "Rock You Like" AHURRICANE
Whitney Houston "Love Will ___" SAVETHEDAY
Words that aren't nouns VERBS
___ Def MOS