Universal - Dec 9 2017

Clues Answers
"... for what ___ worth" ITS
"Jane Eyre" writer BRONTE
"Ode to Joy" symphony NINTH
"Von ___ Express" (1965 movie) RYANS
Aggressively approach ACCOST
Airport announcement ETA
Alleviates EASES
Annoyed IRKED
Author James SALTER
Blue yonder SKY
Bomb variety ATOM
Canoe relative KAYAK
Car financing abbr APR
Desert basin SALTPAN
Diaper wearer's malady RASH
Digital photos, e.g IMAGES
Do a cobbler's job RESOLE
Double-helix stuff RNA
Feedbag morsel OAT
Fine-tune TWEAK
Flat-topped hills MESAS
Floral garland LEI
Fury IRE
Geisha's belt OBI
Group of eight OCTET
Hazardous RISKY
Hugeness, to Mr. Fancy Pants COLOSSALITY
Hugeness, to Mr. Fancy Pants GRANDIOSITY
Hugeness, to Mr. Fancy Pants PONDEROSITY
Hugeness, to Mr. Fancy Pants BIGGISHNESS
Immediately NOW
Infield covers TARPS
Isle near Venezuela ARUBA
Kids' game TAG
Liquor or card game GIN
Loathe ABHOR
Clues Answers
Long trips TREKS
Long, tapered flag PENNON
Masochists' opposites SADISTS
Minotaur's land CRETE
Movie trailer, e.g PROMO
Narrative feature PLOT
Nautical direction ABEAM
Notions IDEAS
Object of worship IDOL
Objective INTENT
Passed illegally, as a check KITED
Piques SNITS
Play again, as a role REPRISE
Popular shirt TEE
Puts stock in TRUSTS
RB's stats YDS
Record company LABEL
Refrained from harming SPARED
Remote, socially ALOOF
Resist DEFY
Sign of spring? ARIES
Sings or plays alone SOLOS
Sleep disturbance APNEA
Slugger's tool BAT
Sniggler's prey EEL
Stand in good ___ STEAD
Strong point METIER
Suffix with "buoy" ANCY
Syrup variety MAPLE
Tightly stretched TENSE
Type of bar KARAOKE
Volgograd's land RUSSIA
Washington state capital OLYMPIA
Word with "minted" NEWLY
World Series perfect-game hurler Don LARSEN
Young birds of prey OWLETS
___ XM (radio network) SIRIUS