Irish Times (Simplex) - Dec 8 2017

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Clues Answers
''Success is counted those who ne'er succeed'' (Dickinson) SWEETEST
Alleviated, pacified ASSUAGED
Americano or flat white, say COFFEE
Area or region DISTRICT
Assisting AIDING
Attribute, assign IMPUTE
Breaking loose ESCAPING
Concern and distress at something unexpected DISMAY
Concurred AGREED
Descending from a train, bus, etc. ALIGHTING
Exercised control over RULED
Fall behind LAG
Female ovine EWE
Gains points SCORES
Head servant BUTLER
Horny-plated creature ARMADILLO
Incorporeal being SPIRIT
Japanese verse of three lines HAIKU
Clues Answers
Killing of a human being by another HOMICIDE
Large river reptile CROCODILE
Learned people, usually academics SCHOLARS
Marine polyps, often forming reefs CORAL
Mischievous fairy IMP
Notions, thoughts IDEAS
Optimistic, cheerful UPBEAT
Overturn or unsettle UPSET
Piece of rock fallen from outer space METEORITE
Reckoned, took to be the case SUPPOSED
Religious paintings or computer symbols ICONS
Short time MOMENT
Should, had better OUGHT
Softly, musically speaking PIANO
Systematic plan or arrangement SCHEME
They're forced to flee their country REFUGEES
Unit of temperature DEGREE
Water-soaked soil MUD