The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26903

Clues Answers
A twin moans dreadfully in close contest mano a mano
Band vote for parade SASHAY
Brother returning in poor TV show mr bean
Clay, perhaps, brought by small spades into college CASSIUS
Desert padre as hearse turns up, dropping off regulars SAHARA
Done in the style of curious old warning ALARUM
Girl’s forte getting savings account for daughter LOUISA
Going back through park? Pop over RECAP
Groom guarding enclosure for money CURRENCY
Home appropriate for the richer in pocket
Insects and rat on grain containers GRASSHOPPERS
Management notes how long spent watching movie? running time
Not entirely fit trade, making flannel EQUIVOCATION
One arriving on day six, or the day before EVE
Clues Answers
One needing guard, perhaps, to start shooting open fire
Only a fool would assume this “pleb” scandal resolved cap and bells
Our MP was one for arranging campaigns on drug issue opium wars
Prepare to scrap pay square up
Pretend that degree is fake, bizarrely make as if
Range in which writer figures PENNINES
Red blubber that woman slices CHERRY
Reptile and amphibian getting left in cargo BOATLOAD
Stays, generally, well prepared, on track CORSETRY
Take cover from inflatable mattress picked up? lie low
Upset body organising football legend’s friendly AFFABLE
We go round it daily SUN
Where commandments received, breaking one leads to fine SINAI
With this one’s closer to nude model? LESSON