Irish Times (Crosaire) - Dec 7 2017

Clues Answers
Arabian coach is responsible for getting the best out of 27 across HORSETRAINER
Cuckoo is rare in the foreign mountain range SIERRA
Darling returns from Utah and is charged with brief from Darwin EVOLUTION
Deputies die off and it causes distress UPSET
Drink in the morning - it's the best you have, for starters ATEAM
Farewell to colourful type on the radio in Australia ADIEU
Foot soldier sorted out? That's one for the books! FOLIO
For those looking for a cure perhaps, Cork bar is not finished for opening in central structure CLINIC
Guard two parts of the hospital WARDER
Hopeful of organising pub tea UPBEAT
Identify the nature of San Diego criminal DIAGNOSE
Is this the rank that managed the police department? RANCID
Lecture reserves for sorting out where everyone is supposed to be ADDRESSBOOKS
Look up to one of those in the play, for example ROLEMODEL
Clues Answers
Most of the small corrections to paper's old writing in passage CORRIDOR
Opens 18 across by dealing with shrewd bargaining HORSETRADING
Outlets welcoming writing by nags HORSES
Piece on The Clash leads to bitter exchange in the west GUNFIGHT
Reaped the rewards from fundraiser for writer BENEFITED
Scripted play - it's what Cassandra does PREDICTS
Something for a foursome to do in duplex? Seeing other people! DOUBLEDATING
Sporting fanzine admits top Liverpudlian joining United is likely to make a lot of people sick INFLUENZA
Take it all in and pay off Egyptians INGEST
Take nothing away from what Count will give you ADDITION
They haven't got much time for State's example INSTANTS
Those breaking into the business could be getting away with daylight robbery BURGLARS
Unsuitable to open for U2 and One Direction over work with Yes UNWORTHY
Write something about A-Team leader and arrange it for a musical NOTATE