The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 977

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Clues Answers
“Eat up, girl!” ENID
At a standstill, having nothing to debate? MOTIONLESS
Bird from public relations embracing sweetheart PLOVER
Boundary giving us the upper hand? EDGE
Capital at that time invested in a Society ATHENS
Dull poet making a comeback DRAB
Group of soldiers in Verdun, I think UNIT
Little creature’s sleeping-place on river DORMOUSE
Long pin seamstress found round back of shack SKEWER
Mark left by injury in steep rocky outcrop SCAR
Old PM disrupts Carol, showing fury! SPITTING
One promoting suitable ankle protector, it’s said propagator
Clues Answers
Parentless child frequently so pronounced by some ORPHAN
Person illegally handling radio, say? RECEIVER
Quiet husband holding European record is shamefaced SHEEPISH
Quietly leaves store, touring old part of London SOHO
Reportedly bring in large bird of prey ERNE
Result of over-imbibing, ultimately, in royal house? HANGOVER
Save individual on ship — a noblewoman BARONESS
Scottish criminal taking in Welshman — and fellow Scot, perhaps? CALEDONIAN
Surprisingly cast net, not being a competitor CONTESTANT
Unhappy new teacher finally made an impression WRETCHED
Woman in drivers’ association newly into flying AVIATION
Women’s group’s hot desire WISH