The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 28,602 - Dec 5 2017

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Clues Answers
Alarm shown by father and son? Not so SIREN
Beer club in Madrid backed by articles in two languages REALALE
Consummate sailor terribly set on old instrument ABSOLUTE
Convalescent being thorough, taking in a book OUTANDABOUT
Creature at sea, old, injured flipper, we're told DOLPHIN
Defiant words from heavy drinker in this place SOTHERE
Economise in remote areas after failure CUTCORNERS
Embarrassed-looking husband making mistake creates smokescreen REDHERRING
Fine spring WELL
Fussy individual PARTICULAR
Go crazy in retirement STAB
Heavenly in Dorset, here alone ETHEREAL
Historical land in area is Roman, I suspect ASIAMINOR
Insect flying right to me TIGERMOTH
Clues Answers
Joy needs shelter following onset of gale GLEE
Marriage shown in publication Buddhist priest brought back AMALGAM
Meet guru, worried about the old man in dire straits UPAGUMTREE
Nasty words written about new work, one to appear in the spring SNOWDROP
On intimate terms in passing romance HANDINGLOVE
Perhaps Fonteyn cared desperately about Nureyev at first DANCER
Remark about role in section COMPARTMENT
Remove some raucous troublemakers OUST
Right price for taking up the Queen's jacket REEFER
Rope may appear after a trial gets rigged LARIAT
Staunch Conservative showing regret, depressed after time TRUEBLUE
Stuff involving worker? Such may be classified WANTAD
Their sister trained a dog IRISHSETTER
Tree in a small enclosure ASPEN