The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26899

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Clues Answers
A lot of ginger, say, in jelly ASPIC
A run past AGO
Ball game’s all over without one got in by Canaries? BILLIARDS
Bottom perhaps ruined hat with inane transformation ATHENIAN
Bread for one of the water birds COB
Cease cutting hair style daily per diem
Damp lawns treated for waterlogged area SWAMPLAND
Divided affection between Charlie and Nick, initially CLOVEN
English copywriter under hotel chief HEADMAN
Finish old cheese item with hard-to-remember name DOOBRIE
Fish dishes include prime pieces of salmon and cod PISCES
Get annoyed with detail in embroidery NEEDLEPOINT
Hunger for money YEN
Inoculant needs a small volume injected into climber VACCINE
Instrument’s a relic, unfortunately possessing little volume CLAVIER
No military ships will abandon velocity NAY
Clues Answers
Nutcracker, say, partly exuded sap when used badly pas de deux
Privy, in the style of backbencher getting illumination with motion lava lamp
Pupil of the French composer in England meeting resistance LEARNER
Rising river breaking bank is not one’s first concern SIDELINE
Shells, perhaps, put back in a cleansing solution AMMONIA
Short trip that is taken by class SORTIE
Smooth sailor — with uniform splitting I’m a star attraction PLANETARIUM
Sneak home late INFORMER
Spar containing radium and alkaline mineral BORAX
The two years together in basic accommodation BOTHY
Top river site for tobogganing cresta run
Trim old penny black DINKY
What could make matrons beam TRANSOM
What propels black sheep to swap places RAMJET
Where to seek help with unruly attendant problem page
Where words go together without India’s lack of feeling? INSENTIENCE