Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 10 2017

Clues Answers
'-- for Evidence' (Sue Grafton book) EIS
'-- Grant' LOU
'-- tu' (Verdi 105-Across) ERI
'Arrow of God' novelist Chinua -- ACHEBE
'Blasted!' RATS
'Catch my drift?' YKNOW
'Fore ERE
'It's --!' ('That's evil!') ASIN
'Ripe' period OLDAGE
'The Taking of -- One Two Three' (1974 film) PELHAM
-ette relative ESS
Actor Kevin from Quebec? CANADIANBACON
Actress Headly GLENNE
Actress Marisa TOMEI
Airer of 'Conan' TBS
Alias letters AKA
Ares, for one GOD
Assembles BUILDS
Astronaut Alan clearing hurdles? JUMPINGBEAN
At any point EVER
Author Sarah -- Jewett ORNE
Baked with a cheese topping AUGRATIN
Baseballer Mike with chicken pox? SPECKLEDTROUT
Be in sync JIBE
Bewilder justice Warren? BUFFALOBURGER
Birds of fable ROCS
Blast noise BANG
Blind as -- ABAT
Blvd., e.g RTE
Boat backs STERNS
Bracelet holders WRISTS
Cartons CASES
City on Interstate 80 RENO
Classic auto REO
Cockeyed ASKEW
Common rhyme scheme AABB
Composer Thomas ARNE
Contact lens care brand RENU
Deadly viper ADDER
Disco, e.g NIGHTSPOT
Discontinued iPods MINIS
Enthusiastic French assent OUIOUI
Even trades SWAPS
Exultant joy GLEE
Fancy shooting marble TAW
Fierce wind GALE
Flower part STEM
Flowers again REBLOOMS
Form-fitting swimwear SPEEDOS
Former car-financing co GMAC
French artist Dufy RAOUL
French artist Jean ARP
Fruit such as a pear POME
Gene stuff DNA
Get misty-eyed TEARUP
Grammy-winning jazz/pop pianist PETERNERO
Hack's auto CAB
Halo, for one AURA
Happy times UPS
Healing balm ALOE
Heedless DEAF
Heineken alternative MICHELOB
Hex ender? ANE
Honor essayist Charles with jesting insults? ROASTLAMB
Irate novelist Anne? STEAMEDRICE
It's scanned in a store, for short UPC
Jaded sorts CYNICS
Japanese chiefs of old SHOGUNS
Kagan on the Supreme Court ELENA
Key on a PC ESC
Clues Answers
Lettuce type BIBB
Litters about STREWS
Long, strong and fibrous ROPY
Long, thin cigar STOGIE
Longtime cleanser brand BONAMI
Longtime pickup model DODGERAM
Lull comedian John to sleep? ROCKCANDY
Marsh gas, mainly METHANE
Med. service HMO
Met highlight ARIA
Mexican meat dishes TAMALES
MGM mogul Marcus LOEW
Minimal cash ONECENT
Moby Dick's hunter AHAB
Newswoman Ann being a coward? YELLOWCURRY
Nile queen CLEOPATRA
Old hi-fi buys LPS
One-named 'Smooth Operator' singer SADE
Original 'Star Trek' captain KIRK
Outfielder Ty COBB
Pants part INSEAM
Paper Mate alternative BIC
Part of QED ERAT
PC admin people SYSOPS
Per piece EACH
Pilfer from ROB
Prefix with chic ECO
Prefix with dermis EPI
Print quality abbr DPI
Pro speaker ORATOR
Rampart part PARAPET
Ran into MET
Ranch units ACRES
Restitution AMENDS
Ripped TORE
Rye husk BRAN
School theater group DRAMACLUB
Second-rate CLASSB
See 64-Across ERA
Set of nine ENNEAD
Singer Fiona behaving very badly? ROTTENAPPLE
Slips a cog ERRS
Small band TRIO
Sniff out DETECT
Solo in sci-fi HAN
Sounding off ONARANT
South Dakota city PIERRE
South, in Lima SUR
Special Arctic light AURORA
Spike of corn EAR
Start of a pirate chant YOHOHO
Stoolie, to Brits NARK
Support stick CANE
Taboo NONO
Take on the role of ACTAS
Tennis unit GAME
That, in Lima ESO
Thick-skinned fruits ORANGES
Tie-ons for messy food BIBS
Tiptop ACME
Tire catcher RUT
Turned-up facial feature PUGNOSE
U.K. media giant BBC
United, with 'up' TEAMED
Vast span EON
Virtual sales ETAIL
Willed gift LEGACY
William who created Shrek STEIG
With 45-Across, the 1980s, politically REAGAN
Withdraw RECEDE
Yeast, e.g LEAVEN