Wall Street Journal - Dec 1 2017 - Toy Box

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Clues Answers
'Gotcha!' ISEE
'Orlando' author WOOLF
'You think I care?' SOWHAT
*1990 Top 10 Gloria Estefan song HEREWEARE
*Brand that has a Rotten Sneaker Contest ODOREATERS
*Head for space LIFTOFF
*Jeep Wrangler, e.g FOURBYFOUR
*Like the National Mall TREELINED
*Playboy's crowd IDLERICH
*View from Drumnadrochit LOCHNESS
About ASTO
Accounting department stamp PAID
As a result ERGO
Band with the 1961 song 'Rama Lama Ding Dong' EDSELS
Begins enthusiastically DIVESIN
Best Picture Oscar winner set in Paris GIGI
Bit of modeling clay GLOB
Bound LOPE
Browser button HOME
Cannes coin EURO
Card request HITME
Celebratory do BASH
China setting ASIA
Chulalongkorn's kingdom SIAM
Computer code system BASETWO
Contacts, in a way TEXTS
Cowboys helmet feature STAR
Criticized continually RODE
Crumbly cheese FETA
Darken BEDIM
Districts AREAS
Doesn't tip STIFFS
Enthusiasm VIM
Flyer in Lunesta ads MOTH
Galley movers OARS
Game stopper RAIN
Gunslinger's command DRAW
Hankering URGE
Highland on the moon TERRA
Clues Answers
Incredibly popular HUGE
Inferred DERIVED
Inventory fig AMT
Kid after napping? SUEDE
Knee hider MIDI
Loose garment TOGA
Monopoly buy HOTEL
Nose, informally SNOOT
Obstruct DAMUP
Parsley portions SPRIGS
Pepsi purchase LITER
Permitted LEGAL
Player in a pocket IPOD
Prepared to be shot POSED
Quayle's successor GORE
Ras al-Khaimah royal EMIR
Reflexology setting SPA
Resort that hosts the annual Sugar Slalom STOWE
Rug rat TOT
Sacred HOLY
Sax legend Beneke TEX
Seed's benefit BYE
Shortly, to Shelley ANON
Sleeve feature CUFF
Some pop groups DUOS
Stink to high heaven REEK
Strike down SMITE
Sudden incursion FORAY
Tannery sights VATS
Taxing trip TREK
Third in a familiar conjugation AMAT
Tours divider LOIRE
Traffic controller LIGHT
Truckloads ALOT
White Sox catcher Geovany SOTO
Word square form GRID
Words from the holder of a weak hand IPASS
You can be sure of it FACT