Canadiana - Dec 4 2017

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Clues Answers
Acronymic after thought PS
Actress Thurmon UMA
Alphabet run PQRS
Atomic particle ION
Back then AGO
Bellow ROAR
Body part TOE
Canucks coach, Alain VIGNEAULT
China's Chairman ___ MAO
Christobal ___(NHLgoalie ) HUET
Circle part ARC
Consequently ERGO
Consumed ATE
Coolness under fire PHLEGM
Decant POUR
Decay ROT
Delegate ASSIGN
Dress maker's tapered tuck DART
Egyptian sun god ATEN
Elect OPT
Ensnare TRAP
Envelop ENWRAP
Expression of distaste UGH
Famous fruit salt ENO
Feline favourite CATNIP
Flames coach, Brent SUTTER
Friend PAL
Habs coach, Jacques MARTIN
Haida symbol TOTEM
Headwear CAP
Heart part AORTA
Hockey acronym OT
Clues Answers
Impulse URGE
Insectivore BAT
Jewish calendar month ADAR
Likely APT
Maple Leaf's coach, Ron WILSON
Mature one ADULT
Mil. manoeuvers OPS
Necklace part BEAD
Not refined RAW
Offshore ASEA
Oilers coach, Patrick QUINN
Overturn UPEND
Partner MATE
Petty criminal SPIV
Portal GATE
Prohibit BAN
Receptors EARS
Rel. honouree STE
Respiratory syndrome SARS
Saucy PERT
Senator's coach, Corey CLOUSTON
Sound unit SONE
South African statesman BOTHA
Split REND
Statute LAW
Stickum GOO
Sun. preceder SAT
Taj Mahal locale AGRA
Twins TWO
Weir's org PGA
Wonder AWE
Word after apple or cow PIE
Wrinkle LINE