- Dec 3 2017

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Clues Answers
''Are you calling me __?'' ALIAR
''Click __ Ticket'' ITOR
''Dancing with the Stars'' airer ABC
''Go right ahead!'' LETERRIP
''In that case . . .'' THEN
''Old MacDonald'' refrain EIEIO
''That smarts!'' OUCH
''This is so bor-r-r-ring!'' WHATADRAG
Actress Teri GARR
Algerian port ORAN
Alias introducer AKA
AMA members DRS
Antagonist FOE
APB broadcasters PDS
Appease fully SATE
Aquarium fish TETRA
Average grades CEES
Bailiff's command RISE
Ballerina attire TUTU
Beggar's non-role CHOOSER
Blurted out SAID
Book jacket parts FLAPS
Bookstore eateries CAFES
Bouquet from a beau ROSES
Briny expanse OCEAN
Brittle cookie SNAP
Byelorussia, as a UN member SSR
Cantina hors d'oeuvres TAPAS
Capone cohort NITTI
Catch by stealth SNARE
Chill in the air NIP
Chip in, with ''up'' ANTE
Code of conduct ETHIC
Common computer typeface ARIAL
Consist of ARE
Contents of some cartridges INK
Continuously NOEND
Costume buying mo OCT
Courageous GUTSY
Crucial tennis situation SETPOINT
Deception, so to speak FASTSHUFFLE
Distiller Walker HIRAM
Do slaloms SKI
Dress sizes PETITES
Drop of paint BLOB
Early PC monitor CRT
Eccentric OUTRE
Egyptian dam site ASWAN
Enumerate LIST
Euro fractions CENTS
Evening, in ads NITE
Feature of some steak knives SERRATEDEDGE
Feels sore ACHES
Folklore brute OGRE
Frittata ingredient EGG
Fruit of the wintergreen TEABERRY
Furry or feathered friends PETS
Golf great Sam SNEAD
Grand-scale stories SAGAS
Grand-scale story EPIC
Guys who write releases PRMEN
Head out the door LEAVE
Herding dog COLLIE
Historical time ERA
Historical time EPOCH
Justice Kagan ELENA
Lab procedure TEST
Left the harbor SAILED
Logically valid SOUND
Long-legged wader EGRET
Lord's Prayer start OUR
Clues Answers
Lose elasticity SAG
Midwest metropolis OMAHA
Military chaplain PADRE
Mulching material PEAT
Munich Mrs FRAU
Mystery writer Buchanan EDNA
NL Central team STL
Northern French city ROUEN
Origami bird SWAN
Overrun (with) RIFE
Painter's purchase EASEL
Pantry invaders ANTS
PBS benefactor org NEA
Photographer Leibovitz ANNIE
Pirate hangout of yore BARBARYCOAST
President when WWII ended HST
Pressure ''per'' measure SQUAREINCH
Put on alert WARN
Question of comprehension GETMYDRIFT
Railroad bridge support TRESTLE
Regional plants FLORA
Remove from power OUST
Rock groups BANDS
Rummage through refuse SCAVENGE
San Antonio attraction ALAMO
Santa __, CA CLARA
Sea plea SOS
Second drafts of articles REWRITES
Security concern LEAK
Shade trees ELMS
Sharp pull YANK
Shoot for strikes and spares BOWL
Shower attention (on) DOTE
Signs of spoilage ODORS
Small beards GOATEES
Small pest in a swarm GNAT
Sound in an empty hallway ECHO
Spanish fellows SENORS
Spending limits CAPS
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Splinter groups SECTS
Stares awkwardly GAWKS
Starts the bidding OPENS
Status __ QUO
Steak cut FLANK
Story heading of a sort DATELINE
Stumbling block OBSTACLE
Sugar shape CUBE
Sushi bar offering ROE
Swimming-pool chute WATERSLIDE
Swine squeals OINKS
Talk like Daffy Duck LISP
Tampa-St. __ PETE
Taught privately TUTORED
Texter's ''Unbelievable!'' OMG
To a smaller degree LESSSO
Totaled, as expenses RANTO
Tower over DWARF
Trivial details NITS
Trusted advisor GURU
TV headline ticker NEWSCRAWL
View again RESEE
Went here and there ROAMED
Western film OATER
Wild equine ASS
Williams of tennis SERENA
Wimbledon surface GRASS
Word on Irish euros EIRE
Yale of Yale ELIHU
Zebralike TWOTONE
__ manner of speaking INA