The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,926 - Nov 30 2017

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Clues Answers
A burden going after royal address in a jam MARMALADE
After snarl-up, motorists' group's taken over in charge of island JAMAICA
Bay toad wrecked small craft DAYBOAT
Blink to supply personality test component INKBLOT
Brave, taking on great boxer and soldier VALIANT
Dope's written up something fruity for star performer TOPBANANA
Exciting affair holds the seed of reckless wickedness THRILLING
Food is served in Santa's place without starter RISOTTO
Force in Hull discovered Home Counties tracking troublemaker IMPULSE
Fruit and eggs flipped over: oik's captured AVOCADO
Glib rationale contains a sign LIBRA
Good score in golf -- bad omen? ALBATROSS
Graduate is set to promote square painter MATISSE
Greek character cut back on unlimited satay and sausage CHIPOLATA
Guided old puss inside to get fixed LOCATED
Gulf inhabitant's ship seized by attention-seeker OMANI
Clues Answers
Learn about wordplay, say GENUP
One leading Bond character, spy showing graft IMPLANT
Pitcher with good left, about to turn one keeping balls in the air JUGGLER
Reviles small car standing in for advanced passenger transports MINIBUSES
Rotating presses: no longer available by-product SPINOFF
Run with garlic mayonnaise including five pasta cases RAVIOLI
Sailors impress girl with Porsche, for instance LASCARS
Snout grabs first of rations, quick to get meal BREAKFAST
Spirit, possible source of moonshine ARIEL
Style books, elite refashioned covers ENTITLE
The French applied to go north in relief LETUP
The setter's lavish hint IMPLY
Those making the cut abruptly keel over SHORTLIST
Two girls, one lacking heart to change ADAPT
Weapon's redundant when base moves west SPEAR
Weary of large portions of piggy used regularly FATIGUE