The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 26896

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Clues Answers
A woman in bed is unable to CANNOT
Agitate Arab leader on radio? SHAKE
Alleged lover securing introduction to roving reporter CORRESPONDENT
Around Jersey, etc, loneliness engenders concern SOLICITUDE
Attire sent flying in US motorway INTERSTATE
Barker’s surprised cry when catching a nail LABRADOR
Call girls knocked back, say, by youth leader’s plan STRATEGY
Condition that retro pub stops supplying mineral STANNITE
Cut of meat — something served up when duke is absent RIB
Daughter, thought to have lost head, turned aside DEFLECTED
Delayed, little boy finally runs to centre TARDY
Depressed fellow associated with tabloid SUNKEN
Furious, caught in cool mountain range with little money! INCANDESCENT
Heads of such knockabout institutions go downhill fast SKI
Clues Answers
Meat brought in before noon: last of chicken leg for king AGAMEMNON
Near sensation of prickling restricting a singer NIGHTINGALE
Officer involved in a pact with leaders of great publishing firm? group captain
Old-maidish teacher recalled in spy novel PRISSY
Points about new graduates collectively en masse
Singular pair managed to pinch old pouch SPORRAN
Sort of wedding disheartened old Japanese commander SHOGUN
Sportsperson’s obstruction revealed in a couple of articles ATHLETE
State of Newcastle supporter introducing 1960s pop? NEBRASKA
They engage people who arrive outside embassy commissioners
Uncommon procedure involving female getting thinner RAREFACTION
Very small fruit in yellow boxes TINY
Woman keeping the Queen’s decorative artwork TRACERY
Work over, turned up with son OPUS