Irish Times (Crosaire) - Nov 30 2017

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Clues Answers
A science institute in Korea developed by native Australian KOALABEAR
A stint whipping up damages TAINTS
Blots on the landscape leads to types of surveillances on raw materials EYESORES
Canons caught ceremony at academy CRITERIA
Chop up trees in organic compound ESTER
Cooperative is prepared to cover workers from academy AMENABLE
Copyright niggles those secretive computer types CACHES
Express dissatisfaction with corrupt Milan cop COMPLAIN
Has done more than most to change the course for what's on television in the sticks REMOTE
Heal or cure in Asian city LAHORE
Hospital worker fabricated report by looking after the small charges NURSEMAID
Immaculate ocean liner collecting harvest from India, leaves Spain SPICKANDSPAN
In retrospect, time delay conceals something to keep you focused on time in the abbey school GLENSTAL
It upsets English honour by writing to the board TIMBER
Clues Answers
It's cream crackers for one of those baking in a kiln CERAMIST
Lough Neagh and surrounding area is a major tourist attraction for the neighbours LAKEDISTRICT
Make a note of show for Aberdeen terrier ENTER
Medic is not good with the discipline DRILL
No gins in Singapore for the drinking song presumably in La Traviata OPERA
Passage on apparition is far from the full view TUNNELVISION
Popular police department outlets missing the first clashes INCIDENTS
Regent is foolish with one of the committees STEERING
Risks him playing with The Clash? SKIRMISH
Sounds like something you'd listen to on a record is close to Elbow? BESIDE
Standing up to the man of the cloth? That one is bound to have a fit! TAILORSDUMMY
States there is nothing in crime and corruption VOICES
Strips, retiring and closing eyes, drops off SLEEPS
Take advantage of what you might get from The Bar for early morning delivery MILKROUND