Universal - Nov 28 2017

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Clues Answers
"... and all the rest" ETC
"Born in the ___" USA
"King" preceder in a kitchen ALA
"The game's ___!" AFOOT
"The ___ of Katie Elder" SONS
"Zowee!" WOW
Archer's need ARROWS
Armed bodies FORCES
Bicycled RODE
Bridle strap REIN
Bring home the bacon EARN
Broken by a dude TAME
Bullets, briefly AMMO
Cat sound MEOW
Change, as the Constitution AMEND
Chapter partner VERSE
Churchly "right on" AMEN
Coagulate GEL
Company's maxim MOTTO
Cut it out CEASE
Daisy variety OXEYE
Disapproval noises TUTS
Elizabeth and Bob of politics DOLES
Emulate a dead weight DRAGDOWN
Faith of many Arabs ISLAM
Fiber from coconuts COIR
Former Russian ruler TSAR
General's showcase MEDALS
Hairy biblical twin ESAU
Heche of Hollywood ANNE
Hindquarters REAR
Hit the limit MAXOUT
Homicide MURDER
I, to Caesar ONE
Large boats YACHTS
Lily out West SEGO
Clues Answers
Live and breathe EXIST
Make leaner DEFAT
Make movies FILM
Minor arguments TIFFS
More tender SORER
NCAA basketball hype event MIDNIGHTMADNESS
Norse god ODIN
Not new USED
Of legal age ADULT
Old buddy CHUM
Picked hairstyle AFRO
Prefix with "China" or "European" INDO
Pronounce UTTER
Protagonist HERO
Runs off at the mouth YAPS
Russian river URAL
Secular LAIC
Security guard on "Martin" OTIS
Snow dome IGLOO
Some cuts of meat LOINS
Sound that summons PSST
Stadium fans' creation WAVE
Subdued MUTED
Taj Mahal city AGRA
They're receptive SHORTWAVERADIOS
Tightly packed DENSE
Times to study? ERAS
Turn away, as eyes AVERT
TV friend of Joey and Chandler ROSS
Type of appeal or confusion MASS
Type of minister PRIME
Uniformed canine OTTO
West African nation GHANA
What Dorothy was in Oz LONGWAYFROMHOME
Wild card, often DEUCE
With it, old-style HEP
Word with "latch" ONTO