Wall Street Journal - Nov 27 2017 - Climbs

Clues Answers
'Bear with me' WAIT
'Believe It or Not!' guy RIPLEY
'Breakfast at Tiffany's' author CAPOTE
'Ewww, enough already!' TMI
'Great comeback!' TOUCHE
'Moreover...' AND
'Shoot!' OHRATS
'That's so funny!' HAHA
'Well, here we go!' THISISIT
*Country album? WORLDATLAS
*It may involve learning lento and largo MUSICLESSON
*Stamp seller POSTOFFICE
*State fish of Rhode Island STRIPEDBASS
Anger IRE
Angsty rock genre EMO
Aunt Bee's charge OPIE
Bad thing to hit SOURNOTE
Bank counter fixture PEN
Big Apple line MAC
Bone-dry ARID
Chewy squid appetizer CALAMARI
Chichen Itza natives MAYAS
Chivalrous offer ALLOWME
Climbs, or what the starred answers all have SCALES
Composer Satie ERIK
Destiny's Child, for one TRIO
EMT expertise CPR
Explosive stuff NITRO
Extreme ULTRA
Fills completely SATES
First-stringers ATEAM
Fortune's partner FAME
Give under pressure SAG
God with a trident POSEIDON
Grab a bite EAT
Greed or gluttony SIN
Hammer or hatchet TOOL
Heredity factor GENE
In addition BESIDES
Clues Answers
Island east of Java BALI
Isn't frugal SPENDS
It's west of Afghanistan IRAN
Knight wear MAIL
Lavished affection (on) DOTED
Lena of 'The Reader' OLIN
Lifeboat mover OAR
Like the smell of bread dough YEASTY
Logan of '60 Minutes' LARA
Makes a move ACTS
Mental flashes IDEAS
Muscles strengthened by belly-dancing ABS
Noggin BEAN
Not at all wild TAME
Packers great Favre BRETT
Paper towel layer PLY
Perfect place UTOPIA
Piccolo's cousin FIFE
Places to relax in mud SPAS
Pomegranate's color RED
Pop in a bottle SODA
Pop the question ASK
Princess Jasmine's love ALADDIN
Proton's place ATOM
Put up a fight RESIST
Say bad words CURSE
Shout to a sailor AHOY
Sniffler's need TISSUE
Soccer star Hamm MIA
Societal troubles ILLS
Some are bitter ENEMIES
Son of Aphrodite EROS
Suit accessory TIE
Takes advantage of USES
Veggie burger protein SOY
Worries FRETS
___ Antonio SAN