The Washington Post - Nov 27 2017

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Clues Answers
'70s-'80s Egyptian president Anwar SADAT
'Ask me if __' ICARE
'Avatar' race NAVI
'Don't play' music symbols RESTS
'I'll do that!' LETME
'Look what I did!' TADA
'Not __!': 'Quiet!' APEEP
'Now!' in the OR STAT
Act of leaving DEPARTURE
Annoying types PESTS
Ballet dip PLIE
Beyond that ELSE
Blood bank spec TYPEO
Bone: Pref OSTEO
Break in the action LULL
Brit's sign-off TATA
Caesar's ides-of-March words ETTU
Calf-length skirt MIDI
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Church bench PEW
City south of Baghdad NAJAF
Come to light ARISE
Country south of Egypt SUDAN
Cuban dance MAMBO
Curriculum __: résumé VITAE
Deli machine SLICER
Drops the ball ERRS
Drubbed or whipped BEAT
Flow back EBB
French I verb ETRE
German steel city ESSEN
Good name for an average guy NORM
Govt. security TNOTE
Grammy category RAP
Group with pledges FRAT
Happen multiple times RECUR
Inclined ATILT
Kid's imaginary companions, and what's literally found in this puzzle's circles SECRETFRIENDS
Lady's canine love TRAMP
Clues Answers
Letters after ems ENS
Long-handled garden tools HOES
Lose it big-time GOBERSERK
Love dearly ADORE
Macho guy HEMAN
Microwave ZAP
Morning show featuring Al Roker TODAY
Musician's gift EAR
Nephews' sisters NIECES
Nevada gambling city RENO
Northampton women's college SMITH
Not agin FER
Not much (of) ADAB
Notable time ERA
Oil gp. that includes Iraq OPEC
Omar of 'The Mod Squad' EPPS
Opposite of pos NEG
Path behind a ship WAKE
Philatelist's volumes STAMPALBUMS
Pigeon banter COOS
Poet's muse ERATO
Poetic palindrome ERE
Practice that develops a variety of employee skills JOBROTATION
Put into force ENACT
Remove a rind from PEEL
Sci-fi beings ETS
Seaside shade provider BEACHUMBRELLA
Second person YOU
Second son ABEL
Severely damaged sea ARAL
Sitter's nemesis BRAT
Soothing succulent ALOE
Spring zodiac sign ARIES
Taken in, as a movie SEEN
The 'm' in E = mc² MASS
Tiny physics bit ATOM
Top-selling Toyota CAMRY
Wed on the wing ELOPE
Wood-shaping tool ADZE