Universal - Nov 26 2017

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Clues Answers
"... parting is ___ sweet ..." SUCH
"Now ___ this!" HEAR
"Scat!" SHOO
66, famously ROUTE
About ORSO
Adolescent's outbreak ACNE
An Allman brother DUANE
Annie, for one ORPHAN
Be stranger than OUTWEIRD
Beginning ONSET
Big name in jeans LEVI
Bluffer's ploy RAISE
Bony troutlike fish SMELT
Bother ADO
Brick clay ADOBE
Brow's creation ARCH
Burrito relative WRAP
Came to pass HAPPENED
Chain hitch, e.g KNOT
Chile neighbor PERU
Christmas seasons YULES
Color of caution AMBER
Crayola gradation HUE
Cuisinart setting PUREE
Dangerous date for Caesar IDES
Debtor's note IOU
Deli sides SLAWS
Descendent of Shem SEMITE
Do some potato prep PARE
Dueling sword EPEE
Duplicate TWIN
Eccentrics KOOKS
Egyptian snakes ASPS
Fizzles out, as a fire DIES
Fluttery poplars ASPENS
Good judgment SENSE
Hay unit BALE
Clues Answers
Hit broadside RAM
Impoverished urban area SLUM
Imprint that forced a deli to trash sandwiches? MOUTHINTHEMELTS
Improves one's edge? WHETS
Incur, as charges RUNUP
Infamous emperor NERO
Isaac's eldest ESAU
It's not odd at all EVEN
Italian white wine SOAVE
Julia ___-Dreyfus LOUIS
Lugubrious mammal SLOTH
Lymph ___ NODE
Makeup exam RETEST
Male offspring SONS
Manipulator USER
Name of two presidents BUSH
Not procrastinating ONIT
Pillages LOOTS
Pine or maple TREE
Risky thing to write on SPEC
Roof extension EAVE
Roof support JOIST
Singer King Cole NAT
Singer Lenya LOTTE
Sounds of amazement OOHS
Spanish woman of rank DONA
Sunrise direction EAST
Take five REST
Tends text EDITS
Tiny Tim's inst UKE
To this point ASYET
Twilight times, briefly EVES
Type of formality MERE
Ultimatum words ORELSE
What the angry magician hurled at the audience? CARDSINTHETHROW
What the miniature engraver made for the queen? CROWNINTHEJEWEL
Wilson of "Wedding Crashers" OWEN
Wooden axle, e.g DOWEL