Universal - Nov 25 2017

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Clues Answers
"From the start," in Latin ABINITIO
"Not only that ..." ALSO
"Star Wars" creator George LUCAS
"___ do lunch" LETS
12-point types PICAS
Abbr. for various gentlemen MESSRS
Abbreviate CUTSHORT
Abridge EDIT
Actor Harrison REX
Annoy chronically BESET
Author Deighton LEN
Away from the windy side ALEE
Barely visible FAINT
Beef and chicken MEATS
Beginning stages ONSET
Bits of butter PATS
Black ___ affair TIE
Bun, beehive and Afro COIFS
Church parts APSES
Colorful marble CATSEYE
Cronies and chums PALS
Failing grade EFF
Folklore MYTH
Foot digit TOE
German coal area RUHR
Golden and pale beverages ALES
Hades river STYX
Hangman's loop NOOSE
Helps AIDS
Home in Mexico CASA
Laotian cash KIPS
Mafia head CAPO
Making out in the distance ESPYING
Meal on a stick KEBAB
Metrical feet ANAPESTS
Mob scenes RIOTS
Clues Answers
Not have LACK
Not imaginary REAL
One, to a drill sergeant HUP
Operate RUN
Peppers from up high STRAFES
Plastic ___ Band ONO
Platter shape OVAL
Queries after a mission DEBRIEFS
Quip with open mouth (Part 1) BECONSIDERATETO
Quip with open mouth (Part 2) ALLDENTISTSTHEY
Quip with open mouth (Part 3) HAVEFILLINGSTOO
Radio dial KNOB
Real, existing ACTUAL
Redheaded navigator ERIC
Requirements NEEDS
Research facility (Abbr.) INST
Scottish tongue ERSE
Setting for betting CASINO
Sherlock Holmes' Adler IRENE
Sized up for a robbery CASED
Sparkling spirit or flare ELAN
Spew lava ERUPT
Store, as ashes INURN
Strand like Robinson Crusoe ENISLE
Suitable APT
Tapered sword EPEE
Teacher in the "Monkey Trial" SCOPES
Tear open UNRIP
Title for a pageant winner? MISS
Top branch of the military? USAF
Tram loads ORES
Type of nonsense UTTER
Wanders STRAYS
Where ewe'll be? LEA
___ Bator ULAN
___ one's time (wait around) BIDE