The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 1,923 - Nov 24 2017

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Clues Answers
Almost sounding fearful in battle AFFRAY
Area with lines twisted AWRY
Base hunter taking soldier for second circuit ORIGIN
Beginner's tart casing that was hot and heavy FLATIRON
Bleeding hearts from Brexit cast-offs are citing wrongs EXTORTION
Case needed in Mauritius, walking around LAWSUIT
Cast block just the thing private body gets into INGOT
Circulating car oil contains nothing to prevent overheating AIRCOOL
Complaint affecting many dancing mid-piece EPIDEMIC
Dividing of sin is criminal FISSION
Do better than a certain villain done for tax evasion CAPONE
Elected party men with protection of House? INDOOR
Happen to keep hairpiece -- capital for Swann, and for Flanders! BRUGES
Implement for holding gallons in large amount TONGS
In gin, this jam would be something monstrous RIFF
Insistence on correct form not requiring saint's religious celebration PURIM
Clues Answers
Keen wife dogged by trouble WAIL
National park greeting Jew or Arab? YOSEMITE
Northbound Catholic against feeding needy Swedes, say ROOTCROP
Not a native name to use in promoting Swiss mountain FOREIGNER
Parks possibly welcoming the man next to Hawaii's eastern port HIROSHIMA
Pelt and strike endless camp show HIDEHI
Pet swallows rum tots for excellent performance HOTSTUFF
Place trawler's board member in cabal PLOTTER
Precious decoration adorning king in trading centre HONGKONG
Prevent fellow escaping with more proficiency DETER
Shade box to block returning Transport Secretary's inauguration DARKNESS
Some drive into vessel VEIN
Spanish ring fighter has bolted, run out TORERO
Spartan outfit not waterproof with cap removed RIGOROUS
Unhealthy outlaw needing sex change to start with? MORBID
Upright cable we must break to support tree's shooting capability FIREPOWER