- Nov 22 2017

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Clues Answers
Actress Zellweger RENEE
After-school org PTA
Annoy IRK
Apple computer MAC
Aquatic mammal OTTER
Backyard barbecue area PATIO
Basketball tie-breakers: Abbr OTS
Boardroom VIP CEO
Broadway prize TONY
Canonized Fr. woman STE
Carpeting measurement FLOORAREA
Charged atoms IONS
City in Mo STL
Cocktail lounge instrument PIANO
Comics explosion sound KABOOM
Conclude logically INFER
Coup d'__ ETAT
Deprive of strength SAP
Diner basketful ROLLS
Do a banquet job CATER
Eluded capture ESCAPED
Escort's offering ARM
Family men, informally PAPAS
Farmer, in springtime PLANTER
Fawn's mother DOE
Fight stoppage, for short TKO
Fish-eating bird SEAHAWK
Folklore fiend OGRE
Friends of Tarzan APES
Get __ of (discard) RID
Gift recipient DONEE
Golf pegs TEES
Goulash seasoning PAPRIKA
Granola morsels OATS
In different places APART
In plain sight OVERT
Lamb's father RAM
Library vols BKS
Likewise not NOR
Clues Answers
Make a blunder ERR
Make over REDO
Middling grade CEE
Modify to fit ADAPT
Monopoly train line READINGRAILROAD
Monopoly utility ELECTRICCOMPANY
Most expensive Monopoly property BOARDWALK
Natural balm ALOE
New Delhi garments SARIS
New parents' lawn ornament STORK
Nick of films NOLTE
No longer edible STALE
Personal ad abbr SWM
Place to cyber-shop EMALL
Plastic animation sheet CEL
Presidential title: Abbr CINC
Proofreader's notation STET
Reduction, as in tax ABATEMENT
Second most expensive Monopoly property PARKPLACE
Secret meeting TRYST
Sharp, as eyesight KEEN
Show on television AIR
Small bay INLET
Soufflé ingredient EGG
Special skill TALENT
Stock exchange worker TRADER
Stores away STOWS
Texter's ''That's funny!'' LOL
Tubular sandwiches HEROS
Twosome PAIR
Very many ALOT
Very stubborn ORNERY
Voice quality TONE
Weed-removing tool HOE
Wicked EVIL
Wine category REDS
Wish earnestly HOPE
Wolfed down ATE
__ statesman (retired politician) ELDER