- Nov 21 2017

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Clues Answers
''Believe __ not . . .'' ITOR
''Hurry up!'' CMON
''Mona __'' LISA
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Allow to enter ADMIT
Auctions off SELLS
Bassoon's cousin OBOE
Beads on some necklaces IMITATIONPEARLS
Brief memo NOTE
Capital of Portugal LISBON
Ceiling spinners FANS
Cold War adversary: Abbr USSR
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Command to Fido SIT
Computer message EMAIL
Contest a verdict APPEAL
Cook's covering APRON
Coral structures REEFS
Cut of meat LOIN
Dined ATE
Distant FAR
Doozy LULU
Dress of India SARI
End-of-class signal BELL
Explorer called ''the Red'' ERIC
Fall flower ASTER
Fish appendage FIN
Full collection SET
Gift-box decorations BOWS
Gorilla or chimp APE
Great happiness BLISS
Grind, as teeth GNASH
Guiding principle TENET
Happen next ENSUE
Heroic tales EPICS
Hidden motive ANGLE
Ice cream holders CONES
Clues Answers
In addition ALSO
In addition PLUS
In __ of (instead of) LIEU
Join together UNITE
Judge's order DECREE
Jules Verne captain NEMO
Keep __ (persevere) ATIT
Little green vegetable PEA
Mischievous fairy PIXIE
Not fooled by ONTO
OH clock setting EST
Ominous GRIM
Online auctioneer EBAY
Piece of pollen SPORE
Pink lawn decoration PLASTICFLAMINGO
Recycling container BIN
Restrict LIMIT
Rhythm and __ (music style) BLUES
Ridiculous ABSURD
River barrier DAM
Roasting rod SPIT
Shed feathers MOLT
Sister's daughter NIECE
Slanting typeface: Abbr ITAL
Spandex or polyester SYNTHETICFABRIC
Stray animal WAIF
Teakettle vapor STEAM
That man's HIS
Thick with vegetation LUSH
Tightly compressed DENSE
Tire in the trunk SPARE
Toe the __ (behave) LINE
Two __ (clumsy dancers' woe) LEFTFEET
Undue speed HASTE
Untrue FALSE
Veggie on cobs CORN
Vermonter or Virginian AMERICAN
Wearing footwear SHOD
__-Caps (movie candy) SNO