New York Times - Nov 20 2017

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Clues Answers
'Drove my Chevy to the ___ ...' ('American Pie' lyric) LEVEE
'Gone With the Wind' plantation TARA
'How's it goin'?' SUP
'Le Misanthrope' playwright MOLIERE
'You don't ___!' SAY
'Your turn,' to a walkie-talkie user OVER
605, in ancient Rome DCV
Actress Kirsten DUNST
Actress Skye IONE
Animal docs VETS
Ante matter? CHIP
Anthem writer Francis Scott ___ KEY
Bees' production HONEY
Bit of turf on a golf course DIVOT
Blood drive participant DONOR
Bullring cheer OLE
Busta Rhymes's music RAP
Cavity filler's deg DDS
Clothes lines? HEMS
Coiner of the phrase 'alternative facts' KELLYANNECONWAY
College fund-raiser targets ALUMNI
Cookie cooker OVEN
Cuatro + cinco NUEVE
Dickens's Uriah ___ HEEP
Dish made with romaine lettuce, croutons and Parmesan cheese CAESARSALAD
Domesticated TAME
Edinburgh native SCOT
Electrically flexible ACDC
End of a close race PHOTOFINISH
Exclamations during eclipses OOHS
Eye woes STYES
Frère of un père ONCLE
Game company that created Sonic the Hedgehog SEGA
Gas sold by the litre PETROL
German measles RUBELLA
Had the helm STEERED
Henry ___, British Army officer who invented the exploding shell SHRAPNEL
High-priced theater section LOGE
Hosp. diagnostic procedure that's noninvasive MRI
Ice show setting ARENA
Clues Answers
Indian character on 'The Big Bang Theory' RAJ
Irritable TETCHY
Jason's ship, in myth ARGO
Keister HEINIE
Letters before a number on a beach bottle SPF
Midori who lit the torch at the Nagano Olympics ITO
N.Y.C.'s Madison ___ AVE
Nickname of Gen. Burgoyne in the American Revolution GENTLEMANJOHNNY
Observed closely EYED
Ocasek of the Cars RIC
Parts of psyches EGOS
Patronizes a restaurant EATSOUT
Place sheltered from worldly realities IVORYTOWER
Political campaign event RALLY
Powerful sharks MAKOS
Rare blood type ABNEGATIVE
Right-angled joint ELL
Seattle ___ (1977 Triple Crown horse) SLEW
Skills that no one knows anymore LOSTARTS
Small drum SNARE
Sombrero, e.g HAT
Sombrero-wearing musician MARIACHI
Sound after snap and crackle POP
Source of fresh water WELL
St. Louis landmark ARCH
Suddenly bright stars NOVAS
Taking a sabbatical, e.g ONLEAVE
Three-syllable foot, as in 'bada-bing' ANAPEST
Tibetan ox YAK
Unit of conductance MHO
United ___ Emirates ARAB
Valentine's Day flower ROSE
What 17-, 33-, 47- and 66-Across exhibit, despite appearances to the contrary ALLITERATION
Work like a dog TOIL
___ Lanka SRI
___ Park, N.J MENLO
___ Pet (kitschy gift) CHIA