USA Today - Nov 18 2017

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Clues Answers
"No bet" IPASS
"___ Got a Secret" IVE
1970s-'80s John Ritter sitcom THREESCOMPANY
1983 Tom Cruise movie RISKYBUSINESS
20-ounce Starbucks order VENTI
A beanball might spark one MELEE
Altar pledge VOW
Annie Oakley's weapon RIFLE
Australian mine yield OPAL
Babes in the woods NAIFS
Ballpark attendees, collectively CROWD
Banquet vessels URNS
Barber's touchup TRIM
Board game turn, maybe SPIN
Brendan who wrote "Borstal Boy" BEHAN
Burton of "Roots" LEVAR
Butt-head's buddy BEAVIS
Castle or zoo barrier MOAT
Cobb salad ingredient EGG
Cohn who wrote "Walking in Memphis" MARC
Daisy lookalike ASTER
Default consequence, briefly REPO
Division word INTO
Eggplant ___ (deli hero) PARM
Event for shopaholics SALE
Fateful day in the Roman Senate IDES
Fender ding DENT
Get blubbery CRY
Golf clubs with metal or composite heads, now WOODS
Hardest to outwit SLIEST
Holder of over 1,000 patents EDISON
Icky stuff GOOP
King of Judea until 4 B.C HEROD
Late Fox News CEO Roger AILES
Libel or slander TORT
Like NFL linemen BEEFY
Like Wrigley Field's walls IVIED
London Magazine essayist ELIA
Clues Answers
Loses traction SKIDS
Lunch or dinner, e.g REPAST
Make euphoric ELATE
Mimic's forte APERY
Next in line, in a way HEIR
Not sweet, as wines go DRY
October clothing purchase, perhaps HALLOWEENOUTFIT
On one's guard WARY
Packed away ATE
Parcels, with "out" METES
Performer in whiteface MIME
Place to use Easy-Off OVEN
Planted microphone BUG
Postings at the Preakness ODDS
Prefix with date or chamber ANTE
Rides for many Bermuda tourists MOPEDS
Rode the bench SAT
Sailors' patron saint ELMO
Seance noises RAPS
Sewing machine pioneer Howe ELIAS
Shows 4-Down, in a way CLAPS
Sight-challenged Mr. of cartoons MAGOO
Slam dance MOSH
Sound of horror GASP
Stickshift selections SPEEDS
Thumbs-up APPROVAL
Took a sample of TASTED
Totally nuts WACKY
Treat like garbage DUMPON
Walked unsteadily TEETERED
Wasp's home NEST
Watson of Harry Potter movies EMMA
Word processor's "go back" UNDO
Worm on a hook, say BAIT
Zebroid's parent, perhaps ASS
Zillions ALOT
___ for it (seek trouble) ASK
___ out (withdrew) OPTED